Who Works With Me

In 10 years, I’ve learned a lot about the kinds of people that get the best results from working with me.

  • You are someone who wants to be seen in your best light, and are willing to hire the right person to help you achieve that outcome.
  • You are conscious enough to understand that outer image is just one piece of the success puzzle and no matter how successful you already are, there might be areas that could be improved.
  • You like hiring professionals that have experience and love what they do.
  • You will be relieved to get the job done and know your life will be easier and you’ll feel fabulous.
  • You love results.
  • You love learning.
  • You love expressing yourself.
  • You are willing to feel better.
  • You are willing to look radiant, alive and sexy, maybe even younger.
  • You enjoy having fun while getting work done.
  • You are open to happy surprises!
  • You’re pretty open minded. 
  • You expect the best outcomes!
  • You want to know what are the best pieces for you to wear for a lifetime, not just what is trendy.
  • You understand that your income and success in life can be directly linked to how confident, capable and attractive you look and feel.
  • You are willing to learn the best colors, shapes and styles for you.
  • You want to look as young as you feel, in better shape and improving daily, and more “put together.”
  • You realize that the best investment you can make is one in yourself.

If this is you, schedule a complimentary 30 minute Soul Style Strategy Session today and I’ll send you an Interview so when we talk, we get right down to what I can do for you.

Email me at Auretha@gmail.com and I’ll get right back to you.