What’s good for YOU is good for the Universe!!! For real!

Everything is realigning itself for the new year. Blue moon, lunar eclipse..everything is always changing.  Everything that’s changing is also changing YOU – in your cells- spirit, soul and body! We get to notice that we are in a constant state of re-alignment! (How fun, right?!)  It’s critical to look at our energy bank right now.  Anything that’s undone or irritating is a leak in our energy bank.  It’s time to repair the leaks, turn off the drains and save that gorgeous energy for what we want to create in our creative lives and relationships.  Dream for a moment on what you can create with the extra energy savings??? A new painting? A clean house? That business you’ve been wanting all year?  We repair the leaks with our conscious attention to what does and does not or no longer works for us anymore.

Notice when you are NO LONGER IN ALIGNMENT with something or someone. Time to let it go and cut the cord. Is it irritating you or does it work WELL most or all of the time?

I can almost hear your frightened thought. “uh..um..does that mean I need to “break up” with my sister or best friend? That sounds so scarey..”  It means that you no longer have to keep throwing your attention and tons of effort at keeping that relationship on the road.  If it’s easeful, it will manage itself. You’ll WANT to see each other, if will seem effortless.  If  it’s HARD or difficult, it’s time to take a big long breath and let go of trying to control it.  Just let it BE.  Turn your attention toward what you REALLY want!  Who is fun to play with?  Who grabs your attention?  Who is joyous, supportive and easy to be with? Who feels like a happy version of home?  Ahhh…Who and what adds to your energy and life?

Sometimes people choose a drama/trauma cycle or negative turn.  Offer love and let them know you are happy to provide positive support towards a positive outcome. Let them come to you while you set your face toward the sun! You will not be able to ease-fully be in the same space until you are a “vibrational match”, so stop trying! You do not need to hero anyone. Hero yourself into your greatest life choices!

Here’s some things that I am changing that no longer work for me.  My website, my yahoo email, my system of paying bills,  some of my facebook relationships, many of the business groups I have joined on facebook as well as many email lists and magazine subscriptions.  It’s not harsh to “remove my name from your mailing list” or to “unsubscribe”. It’s kind. Kind to you and kind to them.  If you’re not a match for them then you are wasting your energy and theirs receiving email.  There is sooo much valuable information out there. Yes, it has value. But does it give you a zing of energy or of truth? Does it light you up and give you energy?

I recently found a money coach (Jeannette Maw, the Good Vibe Coach) who causes money and setting intention and financial goals to sing for me in a way that a “financial planner” never could.  Anyone gets serious with me and my pop loses all it’s fizz.  I’ve found that her inspirational audio teachings are just what I need to sail over perceived problems and create fun solutions and her upbeat peppy words, giggles and tools keep gas in my tank! (here’s her link if you would love to try her VERY affordable tools! http://bit.ly/44PkE9
I’m all about fun and choosing easy.  Too many details make me exhausted.  I must cut the flow down to just what feels good.  Seriously, I get to look at how paying bills can be fun for me! How can I make it a game?

You could be releasing certain foods or drinks from your diet. You could be releasing some old poopy thing that you make yourself do that you hate.  HIRE IT OUT! Quit suffering!!!  Choose easy, my friend.

It’s great that you’ve cleared out your closet. Ideally my hope for you will be that you will realize instantly when something is no longer a match for you vibrationally and in that moment, set it aside for a trip to the donation box.  Donate what no longer works for you so it will find it’s vibrational match where it belongs.  No need to judge – good, bad, better or best, just know that YOU get to choose what is best FOR YOU and WHAT’S BEST FOR YOU is best for everyone else as well!! ( ie..the Universe) Surprise!!- the guilt free truth!!  Isn’t that cool??  So it’s really an act of love on your part to let go of what’s not working for what works best for you!
Love and kisses,
Happy New Year!

3 Replies to “What’s good for YOU is good for the Universe!!! For real!”

  1. HUGELY important reminder – and what a great time of year to take stock of the “energy bank”!

    Thanks for a great post, Auretha. I’m following your advice!

  2. I am in LOVE with this article! It reminds me of an article on flylady.com where she talks about letting go of clutter and things in your home like knick-knacks. She states “if you don’t LOVE it or highly functional, why do you own it? ” Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom!

  3. I loved this article. I am going to repost it. I think this is especially important to remember in relationship where people do things for other people that do not feel good for themselves.

    Thank you!

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