What I learned from styling my first runway show. Thanks Park City!

It started with magic. Me following impulse. I walked into the Park Silly office and said, I want to play! Fortunately there was a playful Jamie who said YES! When we met at the amazing Atticus bookstore/coffee shop for our meeting, the Park City Women’s Business Network happened to be sitting right beside us, also planning a fashion show. My friend had just insisted I call them. When I was introduced, they lit up and said, “You are on our list to call next week!” It was magic. 2 fashion show meetings by turning my chair from one table to the next. I’m not kidding. (If you have ever tried to plan getting people together for meetings, you would understand what a serendipitous feat that was!) So it was on.

The Park Silly fashion show taught me a few things. If you’re having modeling agencies donate their involvement, get it in writing. True Talent of Salt Lake backed out the day before the show, insisting their models had to go to church. That was nice. At the last minute the directors were pulling people off the street to model. Real people who couldn’t fit in the clothes we were given to advertise. Some of the models were freaking out before they walked out, after hours of set up, makeup and deciding who would wear what. I was doing my fear coaching just to get them to walk out. Tons of pressure and stress. Not fun. Moral of the story: Not just anyone can do modeling. Modeling takes a ton of courage, practice and some natural talent. Surprise! It’s all fun until it’s time to take the stage. um..not for amateurs! The other thing is models with a lean physique really are easier to put clothes on..quick changes and having to change people around means easier selling of clothes. I totally get it now.

I love styling real womens bodies. I would not say that thin model bodies are as interesting to look at as those with curves,(I am an artist through and though…love those curvy organic lines) but they do sell clothes well and easily. I think I can let go of some of my irritation with the whole model body thing now. It’s just about making it easy to sell clothes!! These are not bodies to aspire to, these are bodies to appreciate for how easy the are to throw clothes on. Whew.

NOW let me tell you about how FUN the PCWBN show was!! MY favorite part was the models. So many cute and funny girls. So patient. Imagine having someone put weird makeup and hair on you. You have no choice in what they choose to make you look like. That also takes a special tolerant kind of person. Waiting waiting waiting..then stress stress hurry hurry wait. ugh! I’m so happy I don’t model. Good for them! And I found out here in Utah models make 1/2 what they do in Dallas! We were fortunate enough to have about 3 models who had modeled in Paris! They were talking shop and I was lucky enough to overhear.

What I loved was encouraging the girls about what I saw as their natural strengths. I ended up pulling out my makeup brushes for 4 hours. That was FUN! I was very happy I chose the looks for hair and makeup for the show. I got to listen to the girls. They talked so much (they were talking to me so much I was laughing at the and laughed and danced. Such silly girls. That was definitely the best part. The show was raising money to fund Park City girls with their first year of college. the whole experience felt like girl power! I heard over and over again (from the non-models) that I was the backstage mom and how much they appreciated it! I had sent out an encouraging email the day before and many thanked me wholeheartedly for the encouragement. I was surprised by their appreciation. Many spoke of wanting to be more confident. I REALLY WANTED TO COACH THEM!! It actually brings tears to my eyes. This really is my life’s calling. Loving and appreciating people and helping them love and appreciate themselves!!

Those girls are so special to me. I barely knew them but we were all in such a fun heart space, despite the imperfect circumstances that make up every artistic endeavor like a fashion show. They were so amazing, endearing and darling. Like little gingerbread cookies you just want to eat. Women are girls and girls and women and it’s all so wonderful that we just need to have more fun. I’m convinced. Women just need to get together more often, quit working so much and PLAY MORE!!! BE SILLY~DRESS UP! Do your hair and makeup extra crazy. That’s all that fashion is. It’s art. It feels good. It’s fun. It’s not something to be taken seriously. It’s you having a party with yourself.

Party with fashion. Include me. I love you!!! Auretha www.IntuitionStyling.com
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