What I did to begin to create My ‘Perfect Life.’

What I did to begin to create My ‘Perfect Life.’

Many of you have asked me how I created the life I am living now, so here is my story.

Big Tip: Taking Inspired Action!!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I met you years ago. I was looking for a place to rent, and you had a room or basement you were renting out. Although I didn’t move in, I got on your email list and have been receiving your soul style emails ever since, and am inspired by what you do. 🙂 I loved listening to your story and how much happiness you gained in making change in your life and for yourself!
    I’m currently going through a work transition which has been long coming and much needed but extremely taxing on me and I realize having a support group would be beneficial to help it be a positive change, and give me the ability to do for me what is needed.
    Like you, I think the environment of where I live has played a big role in holding me back.
    I will defiantly be looking into the soul style tribe and support circle but wanted to say thanks and I’m happy for people like you who share with others what has and hasn’t worked for them. It gives those of us who are wanting to get there a boost and inspiration. 🙂

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