Want to KEEP your HEALTHY BOOBS? and LIVE???!

1) BRAS ARE BAD FOR YOU. Wear them only when absolutely necessary. I wear mine as loosely as I can because I do have to wear them in public. Look for sleeping bras at home or go commando.
2) MASSAGE your breasts or get an interested party to help you do it daily.
3) GET ENOUGH IODINE. There are many studies that directly link the two! Iodoral tablets or Lugol’s solution. Research it!
4) Use a natural deodorant instead of antiperspirant. You need to SWEAT!!
5) Breathe deeply to get enough OXYGEN!
6) BOUNCE on a trampoline for lymphatic health!

Why do I care? I’ve seen the suffering my mom has gone through with breast cancer and a mastectomy. I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemy.

Please share this on your page or to your daughters, moms and friends. We have the highest breast cancer rate in the world along with the UK, New Zealand and Australia. I’m sick of it.

On a side note, iodine also supports the thyroid and can heal low body temperature and low metabolism. Do your research to find out how much supplementation is good for you. I am not a doctor or an endocrinologist. I do believe in learning how to muscle test yourself to find the right amounts of anything you take. It’s called kinesiology.

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