There is no shame in hiring it out!

There is no shame in hiring it out!

(Even if it’s the thing you THINK you should know how to do.)

There is no ‪shame‬ in not knowing how to ‪‎dress‬ yourself, or give a firm handshake, or manage your ‪‎money‬, or properly brush your hair without breaking it, or look people in the eye when you’re scared sh*tless.

I’ve taught people to do all these things in the last 3 days.

(except money management- I’m hiring that out!)

Some of us were raised by wolves.

Don’t feel bad about hiring an accountant like Laura Wigle Hilsenbeck or someone to move you through grief like Cheryl Merz or someone to cleanse your space because it feels wonky, like Elizabeth Russell or teach you to be a wild woman, like Lindsay Hinton.
I learned how to ‪think‬ from Jeannette Maw.
I teach people to look and feel both ‪‎pretty‬ and ‪‎powerful‬.

‪Coaches‬, ‪‎healers‬ & ‪consultants‬ (proxy ‪‎parents‬) are within your reach to teach you about the things your parents forgot to tell you because ‪‎life‬ happened or they just didn’t know.

Don’t feel bad reaching out for help.
Just because we don’t know doesn’t mean we’re broken.

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