The Worst Haircut & What to do about it!

Bad Haircut

The Worst Haircut & What to do about it!

I just recently moved to a pitifully small town with an abundance of hairdressers, all of which say they do hair well.


Everyone thinks that they do hair well. It is simply untrue. In all of my many years of hairstylists, I’ve only had 4 truly gifted stylists. How do you know if you find an awesome stylist? Your hair behaves well and makes your life easier.

This is just the top layer of my cut. Do you see how completely unbalanced it is? You should see the way it feels. This person came highly recommended and I had observed 2 cuts on other people that looked fine, but they were shorter cuts.

This is my second cut in this town and now all semblance of my original PERFECT cut from Nick James has been utterly destroyed. My hair is not this short and ugly thank God…I’m just showing you how f@#$ed up the top layer is. It’s actually even worse in person. It’s completely lopsided and does not even resemble the other side. I think back and notice she never once examined me from the front to see if the sides were even.  Once it’s curled, I can still cover it up and look good and, thank God, still have some length, but my hair just feels awful. It doesn’t move well, and it’s clunky. (Professionals know how to cut thin layers into thick hair.) She cut one of those horrible cut lines that’s shorter in the back and longer in the front that falls forward into your face. She COMPLETELY ignored my request to just trim up the lines that were already in my hair from my Master Stylist. I’m pissed!

I asked this person to cut my hair with the same cut lines as I had had from genius Nick James in Salt Lake City, Utah.  One of the only American Board Certified Hair Colorists in Utah, Nick combines world class hair cutting education from Toni&Guy and Vidal Sassoon along with professional training and advanced education from Bumble and Bumble, Kerastase Paris and his personal favorite: Oribe. His editorial work has been featured nationally in marketing campaigns for Paul Mitchell – the school, as well as various trade publications and industry magazines. He is THE BOMB.

1. The first way to avoid your hair being hacked is to have Nick or Frank at Jouissance cut your hair. Both of them are truly amazing, as my clients and I have experienced for over 5 years.  It’s almost reason enough to fly into Salt Lake.

2. The second way is to not be lazy like I was (with the best motives of wanting to support local ;( and find an American Board Certified Hair Colorist in your area. I will now be making at least an hour drive to find someone.

3.  Don’t believe the hype. Just because they are receiving training from their local hair school or going to classes doesn’t mean they are being trained with the precision of professional hair industry giants that have set the standards like Vidal Sassoon and Toni & Guy. When it comes to your hair, you want perfection.

4.  If a horrifying haircut just happened to you and you are now committing to never make this mistake again, click the link and find someone awesome near you and make an appointment. Take action IMMEDIATELY. You, your hair and your sanity are worth the investment.

5. Whatever you do, DO NOT LET THE PERSON WHO F***ED  UP YOUR HAIR have a chance to do it again.  “Oh, I’m so sorry, I’ll fix it.” If they couldn’t fix it the first time, why would you allow them to do more damage the second time?

OMG. For the love of God and all that is holy, please listen to me. Me and my pitiful hairs are begging you!!


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  1. I just made an appointment! I’m so excited to get REAL professional help with my super-bleach-damaged-but-now-grown-out-but-terrified-to-color hair! Thank you for posting this recommendation 🙂

  2. I had a similar experience years ago. I had a recommendation that the guy was good. He decided how he wanted to cut my hair and did so even though it was not what I wanted. I told hem that I camped a lot and didn’t want to be dependent on a hair dryer. He cut it his way and guess what I needed every day? I was upset and he knew it. He said I didn’t have to pay him so I didn’t. I took months for it to grow out.

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