Summer Lovin’ for your Closet

Summer Lovin’ for your Closet

Just like everything else – your boyfriend, your bank account, your toenails and your pets and plants – your closet needs your attention. Closets and how you express yourself (by what you wear) represent your self-value to yourself and others.
I have a great, quick tip to UP your value at this red hot moment of the summer!

Comfortable Dresses for your Summer Wardrobe

Comfortable Dresses for your Summer Wardrobe

I’d like you to Pay Attention to What You Are Actually Wearing.

Take a few minutes as you put your laundry away and separate out everything that is just too hot to be worn now. Once you have that group, put them away in a drawer in another room or closet.

Now give attention to all the pieces that you are actually wearing right now. If you’re like me, they are going to be light and flimsy dresses, barely touching your skin, and loose and comfy pajamas and shorts.

Get rid of anything that constricts or binds, because it will irritate you emotionally and physically.

Hang up the items right in front of you in your closet that are EASY, COMFY and delightful to wear! Make them easy to access.

Now that you are dialed in on what actually works well for you, on the body you have right now, make a mental note or a list to keep your eyes open for at least a few more pieces just like the ones you have that are working for you.

Look for them on sale. Choose them in your best colors. What features would make these pieces even better? (Like a built-in bra.) Do you need anything, (like a small cover up) to make them even more functional?

Imagine having enough of these easy pieces to wear every day without getting bored.

That is self-care. This is your goal.

Just a little bit of attention to you is improving your self-love, self-value and self-worth.

You can make dressing easier and feeling better every day an easy choice to make!

With love and beauty,
Visibility Expert & Soul Stylist



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