Stop doing what you hate and step into your GENIUS!

People spend a huge amount of time doing things they don’t want to do. My mentor, Gay Hendricks, in his book “The Big Leap,” refers to 4 specific zones of activity; the Zone of Incompetence, Zone of Competence, Zone of Excellence and the Zone of Genius. Most people get stuck in Competence or Excellence. Excellence is extremely tricky because we get so many kudos from our family and peers because we’ve always done this area so well. We’ve probably been making money in our Zone of Excellence most of our lives so stepping into Genius can feel like a huge threat to our livelihoods.

Genius feels particularly scary because it’s like “the forest for the trees.” It’s so easy and natural for us that we may not even see it as one of our gifts or be at a loss to know how to make it into our living (or even whether we should!) It’s what we love so we may have all kinds of hard-wiring against it. How could life/work actually be that good? Can we actually have a career that doesn’t  require suffering?

Genius is often some element of what we did as kids.

I “coached” and made kids laugh on my 45 minute school bus ride. I was always helping and encouraging people by seeing their greatest gifts. I got accused of being “bossy” because of my natural leadership skills. 😉 I  loved to dress up and play like the world was my stage. I get to practice the evolved form of those things now, daily! I’m picking up my art again because my work has now become SO EASEFUL (a sure sign of being in your Genius!) and I have so many clients contacting me that attracting coaching clients is no longer work. (My work now is creating easeful systems!) I have my vibrational signal set as a lighthouse and my perfect clients know right where to find me. I am not confused about who I am or what I offer. I am set on a firm foundation and my light is shining brightly!

I’ve been attracting clients, coaches and entrepreneurs who have (somewhere along the way) lost their clarity in who they are or in what they should be doing.

They have gotten lost or they’ve just begun and don’t know where to start from. So many of them are doing things that they’ve been doing for too long, too hard and they have shifted. They’ve become a different person with different desires. It’s time to find the Genius Diamond that lives within them and their business and relationships! (A person’s image online and in person usually reflects the need to shift as well!)

An example from my own life: I’ve been helping people (and myself) de~clutter. Cleaning out closets is not my favorite thing, so I am creating a do-it-yourself version to free up my time for art, shopping, styling and coaching. I’m taking something from my Zone of Excellence and making it an online product. I’m going to help many, many more people with it than by helping people one-on-one. ( I know, not rocket science, but the energy I will gain from it and potential earnings could be amazing. ) I’m also taking the Zone of Excellence watercolor portrait work that I’ve done in the past and am now using my Intuitive Genius of seeing people and painting Spirit Portraits and artwork.

What are you STILL DOING that you DON’T WANT TO BE DOING? When you make the COMMITMENT to step into your Genius your whole life will shift and you’ll step into the joyful life that you’ve always wanted. Being in our Zone of Genius is where we make the most money with the most of our heart involved. How good would you be willing  to feel every day of your life?

Love and redheaded kisses,
The Big Leap

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To work with me and find your GENIUS DIAMOND, call me at (801) 694 8092 or email me: to set up your first appointment. Step into your joyful life and work right now!

Auretha CallisonDo you want to raise your mojo or boost your success in business and in your personal life? Looking for an all out TRANSFORMATION?
Coaching is a great confidence builder as well as a great ROI.  I strategically build your confidence in whatever area you need, whether it’s a wardrobe, your relationships, your message, a visual brand or a healthy self~image that pays off day after day. When you work with me you get confidence as well as more energy and aliveness, fun, ease, beauty, sexy vitality, great advertising! and passion. If you’d like to commit to loving yourself that much, then I have packages and payment plans for you. Your style, wardrobe and self identity are something we build, over a weekend or a year, in person or via Skype. You know how important it is to feel good every day. I work with people who really care about themselves and their success in life, love and business, and that’s the God’s honest truth.

I take Everyday Rockstars to a higher level of loving their life.

If you’re up for a real change, it’s time to work with me.

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