Spirit -Led shopping is easy and fun!

I found my favorite grocery store. I’m a big believer in following “Impulses” or Inspired Actions and I had a strong desire to deliver a denim pencil skirt to a client. I also needed a seam ripper, (I’m a big believer in ripping out tags on the back of your neck! ew!)so I started out on my journey and noticed how ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS the view was of Salt Lake City from Wasatch Blvd. I thought about going to the obvious grocery store to get the seam ripper and noticed my thoughts of annoyance. I remembered that a FABULOUS new-to-me grocery store was right on my path. (Dan’s on Wasatch by Ace hardware)

My spirits were already lifted from the view. My client was ECSTATIC with her new skirt from Solissa,(name of boutique and the owner) who had tracked it down in LA for us on her last shopping trip. The kick pleat is so flattering to the bum! She followed me out the door shouting “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” to which I jumped up and down with “YOU’Re WELCOME YOU’RE WELCOME YOU’RE WELCOME!”

I had already won the prize of joy in following Spirit-led action so when I walked into the new grocery store I noticed I was DELIGHTED to be there. The energy was abundant, organized, clean and everything I needed was perfectly laid in my path. I knew that by choosing to drive 2 miles further that I would attract more perfect clients, people, things and opportunities into my path because this store was truly in alignment with me. Shopping there was EASY & FUN!!! I no longer chose to do business with people, places, or things that are OUT of alignment with me. The perfect situations are always waiting for us as we open up to following our own true north, bliss and inspired actions!

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