Setting Intention for an event with a Business this case, Danielle LaPorte

I’m not one for putting people on pedestals. It just so happens that one person that I follow happens to be the most like me of any of the people that I follow. Which means that her advice and wisdom is already somewhat of a vibrational match for me and what I’d like to know and hear.  As I went to her website,, I am already disappointed. She has joined with another huge guru and is talking about the other gal’s business. Sigh. It’s not that I don’t like this other gal, or her system, or doubt it’s success. It’s just that mDanielle Laportey immediate tiny scared thoughts are, “Looks like she got sucked in, too.  Where the f@ck is Danielle and her White Hot Truth?” Once I scroll down I find her. But her front page is blaring Blah Blah Blah.

The reason that I wanted to hear Danielle speak is that for a decade (at least) Danielle has been doing it her way, authentic and raw and truly original. She’s a writer.  I follow Seth Godin and Danielle because they both teach my favorite way of doing things~Purple Cow Uniqueness and Custom-Made-Self-Business, righteous with integrity and wit.  “Conformity sucks,” says she. Danielle LaPorte is a beautiful and intense human being and the way she has branded herself  and brought her gifts into the world is absolute brilliance. I wish to glean.

The question that I was going to have for Danielle was how to market yourself authentically without all the copy-cat marketing I see out there. I’m sure that if it repulses me that it also repulses my tribe. I really believe in being original. I’m not so sure she is the perfect person to ask but she’s closer than anyone I’ve met.

I know that it’s hard to be original. I’ve been doing this for 9 years. It’s been hard. It’s hard not to beat yourself up in the morning when your sales are so-so and not give in to the message-of-the month marketing. I’ve jumped on board a couple times and ended up sick to my stomach and disappointing my audience. I learned the hard way. FOLLOW GUT FIRST. So I understand that once people see a system that seems successful that they want to immediately jump on the bandwagon. It’s like a cult. Suddenly everyone’s hair starts looking the same.

So what will my intention be for tonight?  The same one that I’ve been using for quite some time with spectacular results.


My BPO is that I will hear what I need to hear tonight. I will trust that my soul will be stirred, even if it’s not from the stage. Even if it doesn’t happen in the building. I trust that this day is already Divine and I’m not hanging my hinges and hopes on a human being to give me my answers. But I can assure you my ears will be Open, because Great Spirit  is speaking to me all the time. (Hey, it might be the guy in the elevator.) I am listening. I am hearing. I am receiving exactly what I need.

I actually flew back in time to make this meeting. I will pray for Danielle to be greatly blessed by her work here. I am already receiving my answers and now look forward to a night full of beautiful women I love, setting their sights on their stars and enjoying the magic that comes from that.


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