Soul Styling & Visibility

Are you ready to BE SEEN?

Do you feel INVISIBLE?

Do you feel INVISIBLE?

Are you a Speaker or an Entrepreneur hosting your own events or marketing yourself in Video?

Are you in a Transition time in your life or Dating again for the first time?

If you aren’t wearing what communicates your true essence, you lose credibility, sales and connections. (And you won’t have as much fun feeling hot, sexy or successful!)

Visually communicate who you are so that you attract the right audience and communicate your value and essence without saying a word.

I match the inside you to the outside you, so other people can actually see your brilliance….and aren’t distracted by the wrong shoes, or worse! (It happens all the time. You’re talking. I’m seeing something that’s distracting me from what you’re saying.) See Salenta Fox’s story here.

I intuitively see what’s going on with you and how you might be sabotaging your life by sabotaging your successful image.

From Closet Clearing to ‘Closet Therapy’, we map the way to your striking Soul Style. We help people see the REAL YOU who has something wonderful to offer. We help you express your BEST, SUCCESSFUL self.

Dear Auretha, I love you and all of the beautiful energy you bring to my world. You have made me think about fashion in a different way. I used to see it as totally frivolous and somewhat shallow. I now realize that how we present ourselves to the world is a reflection of the way we see ourselves.
Big love, Jackie

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