Stylist on Location

One of my favorite services is as a stylist on location.

When I arrive at a photoshoot, I’ve actually been working far in advance to make sure my client gets exactly what they want, or something better. Photo and bridal shoots take planning, precision and expertise. There is a nuance to working with photographers and videographers. Everyone is an artist and I’m excellent at communicating for my client between all agents so the client is happy and everyone enjoys the day.

My Stylist on Location photoshoot, video styling and bridal styling services include:

  • Meeting with the client to determine their objectives
  • personalized selection of clothing, jewelry and makeup
  • meeting with photographer or videographer
  • on-shoot set up
  • possible hiring of style team, when necessary
  • on-shoot coaching – remembering goals, confidence, poise, posture, attitude

Photoshoots for Entrepreneurs and Personalities














Auretha works hard to assemble exactly the right team of stylists and photographers, videographers for her style clients.

Auretha works hard to assemble exactly the right team of stylists, photographers and videographers for her style clients.




I take every client session personally. I want my client to feel their most beautiful, their most confident, and their most successful at a very important moment in their lives. I plan far ahead to minimize stress and make sure the client is having fun, too!

I employ at team of experts for the shoot, if necessary, depending on your goals and budget. Photoshoots are exciting!

Celina Photoshoot with Stylist Auretha

Soul Stylist Auretha on location with Community Leader Celina Milner in Salt Lake

I’ve styled entire families for photoshoots, business men and promotional photos. I’ve helped clients select photos for their campaigns and branding. I’m happy to help. Please email me at as far in advance as you can. I would love to help you look your most Gorgeous!

Promotional & Professional Photoshoots

Glorious results for one of Salt Lake’s leading ladies, Community Leader Celina Milner.

I helped her shop for the right clothing and accessories for her photoshoot to be printed on banners across the city. (No pressure at all!) Ended up becoming one of my best friends of all time!

Community Shero Celina Milner