Entrepreneurs: Core Clearing for your Business

I’ve had many, many new entrepreneurs or people who’ve been in their business for years come to me (sometimes after taking numerous other programs) and say,

“I’M STILL NOT CLEAR ABOUT WHAT EXACTLY I NEED TO BE DOING. Something is off. I’m missing something. I know HOW to do what I do really well…I JUST CAN’T FIGURE OUT WHY I’M NOT KILLING IT YET and IT’S DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!!”

OR you’re all set to offer something that sounded good when you were creating it and now it just seems wrong.

The sad thing is, you’ve usually spent a great deal of money on other programs or models and they weren’t tuned in to the individual. They were some other person’s way of doing a successful business, not yours.

You may know how to market “it” but you aren’t really sure what “it” is yet, or you have an idea but it’s not an exact fit. You need help with the CORE of who you are and what you have to and want to offer. OR you’re just stuck and you don’t know why. The money is not rolling. You are not having the success that you know how to get.

There’s something deeper going on beneath the surface of the mind and what we “know.” Here’s where I come in as highly gifted, intuitive coach. I see the issues and know how to move them out of the way.

Here are a few of my coaching topics & tools that could fix the problems with your business:

Limiting Beliefs ~Otherwise know as Success Killers!

Essence Coaching: Getting to know you; Your Personality, Your strengths

Noticing what’s out of Alignment

Clearing Abuse or Criticism

Cheerleading/Empowerment Coaching~sometimes you just need someone to believe in you!

Fears~We often have our foot on the brake and the accelerator at the same time.

Your Life Purpose~Claiming your Vision

Trusting Yourself

Finding your Genius and what isn’t

Getting Clear about your Offerings

Finding your Yeses and No’s

Following your Inspired Leads



Baby Business Coaching

Beginning social media

Grabbing your place on the internet


Finding your Team

Networking & Hook-ups~sometimes you need to meet the right people.


We look at what’s not a match for who you really are.We clear up the energetic and belief glitches to get you back on track and clear about who YOU are and what you do want to offer. I leave the HOWS up the marketing people, but I help you fix the WHAT & WHY.

When you’re ready to run with the ball,  schedule your strategy session by emailing Auretha@gmail.com to see how I can help you solve your core business and personal blocks that are mucking up your success!