Seeing yourself as Successful + #1 Top Fall Fashion Trend + Fashion/Care/Green Tips

I might be writing you a little more often. I’m inspired and in “back to school” success mode + Virgo is up to something so it’s all about systems, schedules, work ethic and perfection right now. (Virgos love to work!) It’s fueling my creativity because when things get too crazy or disorganized, my creative self doesn’t get to play.

It hit me like a small ton of bricks today that I see myself as confident, funny and smart but I didn’t realize I wasn’t seeing myself as “successful.” I had abandoned the word success because it = masculine corporate powersuits from the 80’s. (Ick.) Today I redefined the word SUCCESS=THRIVING in Meaningful Work/Play that no one else but Me (You) can do on this planet while having tons of fun. No one can do it like us.

Working from InSpiration is a new kind of success, where all the parts of us are integrated and expressed for the good of ourselves and the planet. Obsession with power, greed and control is over. Obsession with how we will make money is over. It’s time to bring our heart into all areas of our life because our heart brings the balance.

So take a minute each morning and visualize yourself being and feeling successful. Are you on stage or running a successful business, providing happiness for yourself and others? Are you creating a happy family and home? Are you on the trail, smiling up at the big blue sky or on a sailboat with your dad? Take time to set that destination in mind ~Not HOW you will get there. Just focus on the What. Happily and gleefully focus on the What, every morning, until you can’t wipe that smile off your face. Then watch how quickly Life begins filling in all the blanks.

Fall Trend 2012: Lace
Here’s some great ideas of how to wear lace. A little or a lot have fun with it. Lace doesn’t have to be itchy or stiff like in the old days. It is now stretchy and soft and luxurious. Look for a higher expression of lace and attempt to not just get stuck in the black lace rut if you can. šŸ˜‰

Quantum Coaching Sessions in Millcreek Canyon
I’m combining the 2 things I love most: Autumn Leaves & Coaching you to your Breakthroughs!
I intuitively sense what’s blocking you and help you commit to your success by teaching you the top coaching tools that move you forward instantly. I help you find your highest vision of yourself and start creating it. 2012 is an amazing time to BE DONE with what no longer works! My clients are having stunning results and huge shifts. I can meet with you by phone or Skype or
in Millcreek canyon for the next few weeks (unless it’s raining). Here’s the link to schedule. Here are the links to confirm with your payment: One hour only or a Quantum Shift 10 Series package for the fastest results.

Practical Fashion/Home/Body Care Tips

BodyWash I LOVE: Everyday Shea Moisturizing Shampoo/BodyWash in Vanilla Mint at WholeFoods . Shave with it. Don’t use it as shampoo. Here’s 5 ways to use it.

Green Dishwasher Detergent: Ecover Tablets. Omg. LOVE. Actually work!


Dryer Balls. Yes they work. Cut time in the dryer by half. Less damage to clothing, your pocketbook and the beautiful Mother planet we call home. Clean tennis balls work just fine. Fluffs but doesn’t cut static.


We all need coaching because we all need confidence! I strategically build your confidence in whatever area you need, whether it’s a wardrobe, your relationships, your message, a visual brand or a healthy self~image that pays off day after day. When you work with me you get confidence as well as more energy and aliveness, fun, ease, beauty, sexy vitality, great advertising! and passion. If you’d like to commit to loving yourself that much, then I have packages and payment plans for you. Your style, wardrobe and self identity are something we build, over a weekend or a year, in person or via Skype. You know how important it is to feel good every day. I work with people who really care about themselves and their success in life, love and business, and that’s the God’s honest truth.

I take ‘Everyday Rockstars’ to a higher level of loving their life!

Auretha Callison
Fashion Stylist, Image & Aliveness Guru
Intuitively Creating Your Successful Image, Life & Brand

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