Self-Care: 3 tips for Refilling Your Well

3 tips for Refilling Your Well

I like to think of myself as a Self-Care Expert. Just a few days dealing with people and new clients can tap me out.
As a massive Giver, Intuitive, Encourager and Healer I’ve gotta activate some serious self-care continually so I don’t get sick, injured or burnt out.

I have a few bad-ass tips for your recovery after playing hard at the beach, partying, serving in your genius and just general Relating to all the humans and animals in your life. Here are a few of my favorite Recovery Tips.

1. Sack OutSack Out!

As in, do not do ONE thing. Turn off your phone, your computer and all electrical devices. Give yourself a break from the blue light frequencies that keep you awake and overstimulated. As my friend artist Kirk Jellum taught me, close the blinds and reboot with abandon and without guilt.

I know what you’re thinking.

I can’t. I have kids…I …whatever.

Just do it. CHOOSE to refill your well with rest.

Drop the kids off and let yourself completely STOP.

Teach them how to rest and give you alone time from an early age. We had to stay in our rooms and read books for an hour or two until Mom came and got us. We read. We slept. She didn’t kill us. We didn’t die. It’s called Space and it’s instrumental to human sanity.

We just are NOT DESIGNED for this amount of constant stimulation.

Either slow down or break down, crash out or crash, your choice.

*My favorite choice for Stylish Crashing? Pajamas that change the world by giving women freedom from sex slavery from Sudara.

2. Have a regular plan and time for your rest days, with options.

For me, it’s worked out to have half of Friday, half of Saturday, half of Sunday, half of Monday. There’s always something going on that changes my schedule, so Saturday mornings might be refilling my well by going to the Farmer’s Market in St. Augustine, or crashing out from fun on Friday night. Sunday mornings are reliably rest periods, now recently offset with the fitness joy of heading to out for salsa dancing at night. Monday mornings I plan for my brain and body to be offline, with setting intentions for the week and getting back to messages and returning calls by later Monday afternoon.

The key is: Plan for rest. You must have it to function. Especially while recovering from adrenal exhaustion, I had to make it this priority number one if I wanted to continue living.

3. Figure out what nourishes your soul.

For me, dancing to great music and soulful conversations with friends (like Love Consultant, Salenta Fox) fill me right back up!

My Besties are non-judgmental, fun, funny, great listeners, empathetic, and seriously open to learning and personal growth. I never feel drained when I leave a conversation with any of them. I’m usually giggling about it late into the night.

My two best nourishing activities: Nourishing conversations with old and new friends at parties and dancing until I don’t remember why I was so stiff and cranky. I go home feeling alive and filled with the joy of living.

That, my friends, is what refilling the well is all about. Do it right and you’ll be stepping back up to the plate and giving your best to life. Live big, play big, refill big.

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  1. It’s so much easier than we think, isn’t it?! Slow down, give yourself a break, and then do something enjoyable. Great tips, Auretha! 🙂

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