Quick Fixes to Simple Beauty Blunders

I spent the night at a new client’s house not long ago. She complained of her hair getting greasy mid way through the day. As she was drinking her tea with freshly washed wet hair, I ran my fingers through her cut. I felt slimy product in patches in her hair. She insisted she hadn’t applied any of the products I recommended yet. (Oribe is amazing..she loved the styler I’d recommended and purchased 4 more products from Oribe!!!) I knew then that she had leftover conditioner in her hair in spots!
My point is..the biggest beauty blunders sometimes have the simplest solutions.
She is also what I would call a Product Whore. 😉 She shops too much, buys too many things and overuses too many and too much hair products on her already healthy hair. She overmoisturizes and, in this case, was committing the fatal flaw of not rinsing well!!
Sometimes it’s the tiny foxes that spoil the vine….

Oribe Hair Products recommended by Nick James of Jouissance Salon, Salt Lake


Auretha and Nick James of Jouissance Salon, SLC

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