Client Cheryl Merz ~Sparkle Sleek Style!

My sweet client and friend Cheryl is a sparkle diva!! She is a gifted psychic and glass artist.

Her authentic style is what I call “Sparkle Sleek!” She is short with large hooters so she, like every woman, has a few style “challenges.”

I loved her outfit and had to share it. What works for Cheryl is creating a long line (boots, tights and dress the same color) with a distinctive sparkle piece over the top. Lean layers work well with some stretchy spandex thrown in. She needs a little height in her shoes or boots and looks breathtaking in pumps with the prettiest gams I’ve ever seen. Our focus with Cheryl in the summer is legs legs legs!!

I  love how Cheryl even integrated her signature sparkles into her tights!

I hope you enjoy this spotlight on a tiny lady with a big light!

Contact Cheryl at for your intuitive session on anything you need help with! Her advice is grounded and uplifting.

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