Praise from Angella Johnson, Soul Vision Strategies

Several years ago while working with Auretha in my closet, one of the breakthroughs that happened still impacts me every day and I’ve often used it to teach my clients and friends. We were standing in my closet and I was presented with the opportunity to take up as much space as I required in the world. I was so afraid of taking up space that I wasn’t IN my body, owning my curves, intelligence and impact I was born with in this world.

Angella Johnson of Soul Business Strategies

Angella Johnson of Soul Business Strategies

Fast forward to today: I host conferences for women, I have my own successful business and I’m constantly upleveling how visible I am in my authentic essence. The last uplevel was at a training event I hosted for women entrepreneurs and I was really faced with my visibility issues. Having not lost one single pound in the past year I was questioning if I was worthy to be on stage and share my message and that is when I knew I needed support to OWN my body, be IN my body and OWN my greatness on and off stage.

Working with Auretha, here is what we accomplished:

-Found makeup that people could see the REAL me. Not only do I feel fabulous on stage and in my marketing videos, but in every day life also. I know what my best colors are and how to use makeup to not HIDE but to accentuate my best and most beautiful features. This “feel good” vibe carries into my energy and confidence, which is the magnetic factor that every authentic entrepreneur deserves to attract the best opportunities for them.

-Found comfortable shoes I can wear on stage and not feel like a frumpy 80-year-old. I’m tall, I’m curvy, I’m a size 18 and wearing these ridiculous heels out there that are in “style” is not going to happen. I was worried I would be stuck with ugly, but Auretha found me pretty, practical and comfy shoes.  Auretha is a genius at finding things online. She also taught me the subtle lines to look for in shoes to show off my legs!

-Speaking of legs, we were at the tailor altering a fabulous skirt I found on the site that Auretha found for me, I put on one of the fabulous pairs of shoes. I wasn’t totally comfortable in a pencil skirt and she stopped me and had me really look at myself. Holy shit! I do have awesome legs. My calves are sexy and I wore that pencil skirt and shoes like nobody’s business!

-I had outfits I loved for each day of my event and knowing that I loved what I was wearing and I looked damn fine let me focus on my message and creating the transformation at my events instead of worrying about “OMG, does my butt look big?”

-Because I know what to wear and how to wear it, I can pack for any trip in less than an hour. THIS is seriously a miracle. I used to hate packing and it would take me hours and hours. I would always over~pack and then when I would get to my destination, I would think “dammit, I should have brought that other blouse…” Now I get to where I’m going, I’m focused on what I’m doing there and I can be totally present to my work.

Auretha saved me hours and hours of frustration to TRY and find the right thing. My time is money so knowing that I can spend my time doing what I love and what I’m good at means I’m putting my time where it most counts and that feels really good.

Overall, I can now shine in my excellence and BE about the transformation I’ve been put on the planet to do. I know what to wear; I know how to rock it; and I still feel like me, just a more fabulous, authentic and beautiful version of me. The REAL me is what shows through now.

~Angella Johnson,
Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Spiritual Business Strategist

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  1. Excellent. What I love about this share is that I can really hear and feel the impact that Auretha helped you make. The things you listed are million dollar breakthroughs in my book. The biggest one being feeling a sense of love and acceptance for your curvy beautiful self just as you are right now. You know you are not your butt. YOU are bigger than your butt! Big hug and big love. Congrats to you Angela!.

    A big shout out to Auretha who has a way with fashion and style that gets the the heart and essence of you and how you want to be seen. Kick Big Butt ladies.
    Lila The Horse Muse ~ Relaxing and Revealing Retreats that Rock.

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