Power Posing 5 min Video: Fake it till you Make it!

This research confirms what I’ve been teaching for years!
I would often stand before groups of women and teach them how to “take up enough space” after years of being taught how to play small, be small, be quiet and fit in. I would (and do) teach men and women how to stand, walk and talk on stage and in real life. 
I’ve been disturbed over the last few years watching Michelle Obama “make herself smaller.” A sad example for tall and powerful women! I’m sure she has been coached not to seem taller or more powerful than her husband. (The U.S. is far from being the most progressive country for women. Boo!!!)
Here are some deliciously interesting insights on how “Power Posing” can be used to help you in any type of situation for life!!

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  1. It’s a sad comment in American politics…we saw the same thing with Hillary Clinton…who is one of the most brilliant women in the world. I think a strong, powerful black woman would scare the hell out of the electorate, even more than a strong white woman. Very sad!

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