Why you should OVERHAUL your sh*tty beliefs (in seconds flat!)

Hello Friends,
So far this year my beliefs and “stories” have been taking a bashing. Here are a few that I was staunchly hanging onto (like an idiot.)
“I hate Florida.”
You know I’m moving to St. Augustine for the winter (at least). Combines the flavor of Europe with Sun, Sand and SUP. Found the perfect, artsy place with tons of culture~in Florida!
“I don’t want to go to my family reunion in Iowa for the most miserable time of the year, July 4th.”
Ended up having record low temps (70s-80s)! The most GORGEOUS TEMPS I didn’t even know existed in Iowa during July. Meanwhile it dumped rain in Utah, which I wouldn’t have minded either. It was always a detested holiday for me, and this year I actually had fun.
“Spring is miserable with my pine pollen allergies. I will have to hide in the house for the usual 3 weeks out of the year.”
Cleared my allergy in minutes!! and healed 3o years of suffering. NO MORE PINE ALLERGIES. LIKE, A MIRACLE~~~!!!
“There are no good reservoirs with trees in Utah. SOOO Bored with Utah lakes!!”
We found 3 new locations that make me BLISSFULLY happy that have trees!!
“My dad doesn’t really like me.” Had a few conversations with my dad where he told me how much he loves me and he couldn’t believe I ever thought that!

I’m telling you that THIS IS THE YEAR TO SHIFT. We are being given a GRAND opportunity to let go of those things and beliefs that no longer serve us. I’m cleaning my house out. I’m cleaning my mind out. I’m cleaning my body out. I’m literally not wanting to drink AT ALL. (Oh, Utah, you’ve finally had your way with me!) No reason except it just felt easy one day. I just wanted to let my body have a little less toxins to deal with. And if I want to, I can. But I don’t want to right now.

So, you’re still reading this. What are you thinking of RIGHT NOW that you could let go of? Take the time RIGHT NOW. What suffering is happening in your life? Would you be willing to let it go? Any beliefs about yourself that suck? This is the right moment. Carpe Diem.

Set up a 15-30 minute session with me to clear a few biggies if you don’t know how to do it yourself or you need help. My own life has whipped around and I’m overturning 3 of my largest blocks this week. I want to like EVERY area of my life. How about you? It’s time to take your BullHeadedNess by the horns and decide what you will and will not tolerate any longer! Get REDHEADED about it!

Love and Beauty,

Ps. And if it’s your closet, your style or your self image that needs an overhaul, you know I love that, too! I specialize in RAPID TRANSFORMATION. How long will you wait???

Here’s me and my dad, (in yellow) riding on a flatbed trailer in lawnchairs behind a John Deere tractor to enjoy the Iowa sunset through the cornfields for my Uncle Vernie’s 80th birthday. Ummm….didn’t think I’d be doing THAT either!! IT WAS AWESOME!!! DON’T LET YOUR SH*TTY BELIEFS HOLD YOU BACK!!!

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  1. I have a healing/clearing technique that I have developed and use intuitively that is extremely rapid!! I’m so happy about it!!

    XO Auretha

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