Online Makeover for Dating or Business Attraction

How do you look online? Are you ATTRACTIVE to both Love and Business?

Are you driving people away by not showing up the way you want to? Do you personally look confident, sexy, happy in your photos? Are people shocked when they meet you in person?

There could be a big breakdown between who you really are as your best self and how others are seeing you online. That can create a big mess and misunderstandings.


Take a look at who and what you are attracting, and this should give you an excellent answer. If there’s tweaking to be done, I can fix it~energetically and physically. What you believe about yourself sneaks through in how others perceive you.

For example, do you have an old photo? An outdated photo can say more than you’d like. It can say that that time period was the last time you felt confident and attractive and you are holding onto that old image of you as if your life depended on it.

Does your brand appear both professional and inviting? Is it creative? Are you ahead of the herd or just a follower?

I provide comprehensive feedback on your brand, visually and energetically. I help you spot the leaks and glitches, choose the right colors, fonts, styles, verbage and offerings that match your authentic self. I help you be seen for the Soul that you are.

This includes everything that I see visually and feel intuitively on your emails, newsletters, website and your entire brand. I provide a comprehensive consultation on what people may feel, see and think from a visual and energetic perspective.

I love to assist people to shine authentically online and in real life, connecting with their audience. Let’s get to work right away!

Once I receive your payment confirmation, send an email to with all of your hyperlinks and photos in Dropbox (if you need help with Dropbox, just ask) with all of the ways and places you are showing up online, including your social media pages, so I can give you a great overview of everything that’s working great and what might be better to fully represent your Gorgeous Genius.

Let’s help the world see the ‘Sparkling You’ online!


Salenta Fox plays BIG!

Salenta Fox plays BIG!

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