Mommy Style 2013: A Step Forward for Women?


InStyle February 2013

In looking at the February InStyle fashion spread illustrating life as a fashionable mommy, (featuring Jessica Alba) I gotta laugh. If I styled my clients in this outfit, they would look at me in disbelief. They wouldn’t trust me anymore. The elephant in the room in our culture is that NO ONE YOU KNOW WOULD WEAR THIS . (Ok, maybe at Burning Man.)

It’s not because this outfit is too colorful or trendy. I love the color, textures and bravado. 3 things about this outfit bother me. It doesn’t fit. It’s not flattering. It’s not functional. It’s art for sure..but as far as fashion goes…it’s bad art.

As a professional artist and wardrobe stylist, I am frustrated by the leap from art to fashion without fit or flattering functionality because it defeats the purpose of wearing fashionable clothing. My goal is to make you look pretty, and do it in a way that you can actual wear it and be seen in public feeling excited instead of feeling foolish. I can make the translation from this look to street but when most people see this trainwreck posing as “fashion”, they throw their hands in the air and give up. It’s too great a leap for the average person to make.

And as far as MommyStyle, let’s laugh a little more. For all the young ones, following their favorite Starlettes who appear to have it all, I am concerned that the image of a fashionable mommy is yet one more daily burden. “Not only do I have to be a great mom, wife?, get my body back, make money …but now I must be star stylish,too!”

For most moms I know, getting MAKEUP on every day IS A CHALLENGE. I’m just being real with you. I don’t care if you live in Hollywood or not. Yoga pants are the reality for most women not in the workplace. We love them. I have to twist arms to get people to buy a dress. I am confronting mindsets and patterns when I work with real women and men. We are confronting fatigue and overwhelm and low self esteem and body image. How can we face yet another onslaught of subtle media pressure via every tabloid in the checkout lane?

Here’s my advice. Looking good and feeling pretty/ stylish is not rocket science. I help people do this every day. I’d like to offer a few realistic pointers.

1. Get your hair cut, colored and styled every 8 weeks, especially if you’re a mom. Talk with your stylist about ways to change your style subtley throughout the year so it stays fresh and exciting. Don’t make drastic changes or cuts to your hair. You need to feel that your hair is pretty and for most women, that equates to a longer style.

2. Get as much sleep as you possibly can. Take at least a nap a day, especially if you are tired. Take B12, get lots of nutrition and stay hydrated! Natural light is very important.

3. Completely kick sugar and only have caffeine (if you must) in the morning, preferable with the health benefits of green tea.

4. Use good, organic skin care products and exfoliate 2 X week, toning every day. Moisturize and firm like crazy.

5. Find a simple 5 minute makeup routine. I’ve got great suggestions on this. (Follow my blog & facebook pageAurethaStyle on Facebook for updates) Do it first thing after your gentle morning workout and shower.

6. Fitness. Stomach, arms, legs, butt. Breathe. Lots!

7. Affection. Be around people you love who love you and get lots of hugs and kisses.

8. Find dresses that fit your body. Pretty, comfortable sandals or boots with a little height.

9. Pretty earrings or a ring. Find what works for you. Stay simple. Ice the cake!

10. Remember that you are beautiful, even on the worst of days. Are you kind? Loving? Making the world a better place? That’s a real achievement – real beauty that stands the test of time. People won’t remember what you wore but they will remember how you treated them and what kind of heart you have.

All my Love,
Sister Auretha

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