What to Wear: How to Maximize your Rest~of~Summer Wardrobe

Hello Lovies!!!
We had so much fun at the Soul Style Show at Jouissance Salon, even though downtown was nearly as hot as the women who attended. Thank you all for coming and I look forward to our next event.  I want to do one more preview Soul Style Show for my clients before I roll out my Soul Style Seminar, which will be offered for around $279 for a Friday evening and Saturday workshop. If you have a nice space you love, let’s do it there! Call me if you’d love to host it in the next 3 weeks. 😉 It’s a super fun, informative way to spend an evening laughing!!!

What to Wear for the REST of Summer~Maximize your Wardrobe and Feel SMASHING!

I’ll bet you’re busy. I’ll bet you keep wearing about the same 6 pieces. Am I right? And you might be getting bored and these popular pieces might be looking a little worse for wear. Here are my solutions for making the MOST out of what’s in your summer wardrobe! (Print this out and use it as a worksheet.)

1.  Notice what’s working.

What do you love?

Why do you love it?

What are you actually wearing, in the body you have right now?

What are you washing consistently every week?

What are the key elements that are similar in the things you are wearing?

BUY MORE OF THOSE ITEMS. On sale…right now..this month!! You deserve to have a fun~tional friendly wardrobe that works for you! This is a part of the “choosing easy” solution.

2.  Notice what’s not working.

What is taking up space in your closet but not delivering in value? Separate all those things to the side in your closet, so you can actually take a good hard look at it.

What are the pieces that you would like to wear, but something isn’t right? Do they need tweaking? Repairs? Hemmed? Fitted around the waist? Do they need another piece to make them work? Put them in a bag called a “shop for” bag and take that bag with you to remind you what you need to look for. Like a list, so you can try it out when you get there and make certain it all works together.

Take action right now on repairing shoes or tears or fit issues. Do not wait. If you don’t, you might as well donate them right now. Put them in a bag, in your car, right now. Find a tailor or seamstress that has been recommended in your area.

There is always the option of meeting with me for a 15 or 30 minute appointment where we can get clear about what needs to happen on the “wonky” items. We can do that over video or internet or in person. Don’t let these pieces nag you. We are in the business of cleaning up any and all  an energy leaks in our world. Out goes the clutter and the tolerations and in comes the things that are easy, enjoyable and effective. Keep it simple!

It’s the little foxes that spoil the vine, right?

Looking great is not about being lazy. To have a fabulous wardrobe, you gotta go all the way with details. If those pants are driving you crazy because the back gaps, get it fixed. Then they pay off for you in making your life easier and better!

3.   Take the items you love and try something new with them.

Add a sweater, a new belt, another shoe option. Try in out in front of that full length mirror I insist upon you having. In good light..not in some dark recess of your closet. How can you work it more, better, differently?? (Again, meeting with me for some styling is a great option here..this is my genius.) Add color. Try a new makeup or hairstyle with each outfit. Make it interesting!

OK Loves. Super basic. Not rocket science.

Remember that what you love loves you back.

Take the time to rock that closet, rock your image and bring your best light to the world!

Love and Beauty,



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