Maintaining Positive Visibility

I’ve probably made more mistakes than anyone. Going out of the house without styling my hair, being late, not getting the proper address before I leave. Not keeping in contact with my former (wonderful) clients, not having a business plan…I could go on and on.
Here’s the upside. Sam Horn, in his foreword to my favorite business book, “Attracting Perfect Customers:The Power of Strategic Synchronicity” says this, “People who attend my workshops often tell me they wish they could have their own business, but they’re not comfortable selling themselves. I reassure them that they won’t have to if they do their job right. If they get really good at providing something people need, if they take responsibility for maintaining positive visibility, and if they do their best for every client every time, satisfied customers will become their best advertising.”
Maintaining positive visibility. Here are some ways to accomplish that.
Before you walk out the door every morning, look at yourself from top to bottom front and back in a full length mirror in good light. Fix what needs fixing. Add or remove jewelry. Do you look great top to bottom? Use Spanx Power Panties if you need to. Shine your shoes. Wear some color…not just black all the time. Black isn’t a color and does it’s best for hiding you, not showing you off. At the very least use your best colors around your face.
Shine your shoes, have your heels mended. Wear a fabulous purse. Are you saying to the world that you respect yourself?
Go to parties. Have fun! Go to network marketing events (dressed as your best version of yourself)and exchange your cards with other people. If you’re nervous, take a deep breath. Relax. You’re just letting people know that you have something valuable to offer. If they like you, they may call you. Either way, you’re not going to lose anything for letting them know what you do and how you offer value and service to the world. Make some friends.
Carry your business cards. Can you believe I still have to say this? I have them in my purse, computer bag and in my car.
Write thank you notes every opportunity you get.
Keep in contact with your former clients letting them know what you are up to, any new services you offer and new ways of providing them with valuable information.
Use spellcheck on everything you write and send out.
For the advanced, make a short video of what you do. People love short videos! I’m working on that right now! Making the videos was a blast and people do love them.
If you like the thought, but know you need an image consultant before really putting yourself out there, that’s me. I can help you stand before the public with confidence, grace and style. If you’ve already got that down, make sure you have a full length mirror. God is in the details for maintaining positive visibility!

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