Living Rain

Every day at this time, 3-5 pm, the sky starts to rumble and I start to smile.

After living in the high mountain desert in Salt Lake City, Utah for 14 years, I love the tremendous rains of Palatka, Florida.

Palatka Tornado Storm, May 2014

I love the storms. I love the smell, the sound and the vibrations. I love the way the sky turns dark and the mood turns ominous. I love how all humans must stop what they are doing and just for a moment, acknowledge the power of nature. We have to wait. We have to take cover. We can’t wait to watch through the window as the torrents drive down. Even when it’s expected, it’s unexpected. We are suddenly out of control.

The wonder of nature has overtaken us in a fit of passion.

Dail up the excitement even further? Add electricity. Add white bolts and shocking cracks. Unexpected. All powerful. Dangerous.

I love being human.



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