How do you feel about how you look?

How do you feel about how you look ~ on a daily basis? Just jot down a few words that come to mind.

2)  HOW DO YOU THINK YOU LOOK to your prospective clients or dates online and in person? (Be honest! First impressions happen in seconds!)

3) Do you think you look powerful, smart, confident, successful???

4) Would you hire you? Would you date you??  (If not, what are you missing??)

5) Do you feel “put together” without feeling stiff or too formal?

6) Does your style and look communicate that you are:

Capable? Believable?  Authentic? Imaginative?  Honest?  Trustworthy? An Expert??

7) Are you too SEXY for business?  Or not enough?

8) Most importantly, are you ATTRACTIVE??

(Attractive to new business, love, clients, friends? Do you seem OPEN? FUN? Easy to talk to? )

9) How do you feel about how you look:
  • Frumpy?
  • Fat?
  • Outdated?
  • DORKY?
  • DOWDY?
  • OLDER than you feel??
  • TOO YOUNG to be experienced in business?
  • Uncomfortable in your skin?
  • Stiff, fake, sleazy, sloppy?
  • Are you a hot mess??? 😉

Because how you feel about yourself is the most powerful tool in attracting who and what you want! **  For real.

**Unless you are one of those people that think you look just fine. You’re totally confident in every way because you know you’re good at what you do.

(Except that you’ve got bad breath, your hair is awful and your closet is full of clothes from the 80’s.) Yellow teeth? Body odor? Tacky shoes and suits?  This could be you. You  might need a little help even though you’ve got confidence by the yard. No offense.  😉 **

Both how you LOOK & HOW YOU FEEL must be addressed.

10) What are you willing to change so that nothing comes between you and what you want to attract? 

  • Are you willing to have an inner and outer transformation with your image?
  • Are you willing to let go of 80% of what you’ve been wearing?
  • How about letting go of those self-sabotaging beliefs?
  • Are those voices in your head helping you or hurting you?
  • Do you feel like a Rockstar?

If you’re tired of feeling (and/or) looking like crap and willing to commit to superior results in your life, then it’s time for you to take action. It’s time to make a investment in yourself. That investment pays off in every area of your life~especially your business.

It pays off in your sex life.

It pays off every single day when you go to your closet to dress in the morning and every time you look in the mirror at your face and your body.  You could actually feel good. Imagine feeling Rockstar amazing as often as you choose, daily if you choose.

Imagine having a fully put~together image for every event, every day of your life.

I achieve those results with you so that you can focus on feeling great and not be distracted by a messy image.  I want you to do what you actually came here to do on this planet, not feel like crap every time to go to your closet. Life is too short to suck.

I freakin’ LOVE MY LIFE.  I’m an expert at raising your attractiveness, aliveness and MOJO!  I’m an expert because I transformed myself from feeling dorky, chunky and wiped out to feeling sexy, sleek, unique and generally WOW every time I get dressed and head out into the world. I stand out in a crowd, in a good way.

I’m an expert at maximizing your beauty and body.  I’m an expert at taking unwanted years (and pounds!) off your image with as much organic~ness as I can muster. I’m an expert at seeing the gifted you (your inner genius) and helping you find your path, your offerings and express your best, most beautiful,  most joyful life.

Sounds like a lot of payoffs, doesn’t it? That’s because what I do isn’t simple or superficial. It’s transformative in every way imaginable. It’s love. It’s paying attention to you at the highest level of detail where you get to see who you really are and remove anything that’s stuck in the way of you feeling awesome!

Don’t believe me? Read/watch the videos in Client Raves. I LOVE MY CLIENTS. They are beautiful, amazing creatures that have so much to offer the world and it is my greatest honor and joy to serve, support, maximize and glorify their greatness!!  And I could be doing this for you, if you’re willing to commit to showing up as your most powerful, beautiful, confident, amazing, talented, heart-centered Giant of Love in your world.

Or, you could stay feeling like your answers above.

I’m the cheerleader and fairy godmother that makes you sparkle and shine. I’m the “manager” of your Rockstar Roadshow.

  • What if you are scared or shy?

Then I take you to the next level of feeling awesome at your pace. I’ve got lots of packages for you to choose from. Fast or slow, big or little.

  • What about using a ‘personal shopper’ at one of the department stores? They are free with purchase. 😉

Sure, you can go into any Nordstrom and have their ‘personal shoppers’ (salespeople) dress you appropriately. Will it be fashionable? Yes. Will it be you? Maybe, if you’re lucky.

Will you see your peers wearing it? Most likely.

Will they come home with you and help you integrate and style your entire wardrobe so that the real you emerges and stands out from the crowd? Absolutely not. But I will.

I’ve got a vision for the long haul. I keep clients for years. I’ve got a vision for what they need year after year to keep them sparkling and fresh, seasonally spicy with everything they need.

I’ve been doing hair, makeup, portrait art, styling and healing work since I was 18. I know how to love you. I know how to style you straight if I need to. My goal is to help you be the rockstar only you can be. And to do that, we have to cut through the crap.

We have to cut through the crap of what you’ve allowed in your life that no longer (or never did) serve you. This is where the coaching comes in. The crap we get rid of can be outdated, uncomfortable shoes or it can be the critical voices in your head.

Working with me is about transformation. My people love the changes. My people are blown away and shocked by what they learn, and only some of it  has to do with fashion. You will learn mostly about yourself and what makes you magic..and beautiful.

I will lovingly clue you in, honey. We may both crack up laughing when I look at your closet. But I promise, I will NEVER, ever be mean! The process is a total blast! It’s so fun to get rid of the crud and try on clothes and makeup that make you look and feel AMAZING. I work in person or via Skype. I can fly to you or vice versa.

Amanda Moxley, Soul Stylist Auretha Callison, Are you ready to be seen?

Coach Amanda Moxley

Amanda Moxley, Body Transformation Coach, said to me every time we worked together, “Auretha , everybody needs you!”

I agree because everyone (myself included) needs another person’s eye to help spot a few items we might need help on (like copywriting.) But not like the TV shows do it. You need help and feedback from someone you can trust and who cares about who you really are inside. Your outside must match your inside and express it! I’m one of the only “image consultants” that will ever get this, and probably one of the only “fashion stylists” who cares about the inner person because I have serious intuitive gifts. I can spot a fake a mile away and it makes me want to run. I HATE FAKE. I LOVE REAL. Creating REAL BEAUTY (INSIDE OUT) is my passion!!!

If you’re not authentic to your true self and style, you won’t feel believable and confident. And no matter what you’re selling or sharing, authenticity matters!

What are the most important qualities and values that you want to communicate about yourself to others?  (Email me the answer to that before we set up your 20 minute complimentary consultation to )

I used to feel frumpy, dumpy and no fun at all. Now I turn heads online and walking into a room. It’s not because I’m a supermodel. It’s because I know how to maximize my beauty, my heart and my vitality. I want to maximize your attraction to everything and everyone you want.

Email me at to schedule your first 30 minute complimentary session. It’s time to love the way you look!  How much longer are you going to wait to feel great?