Leggings, jeggings, capris? What’s best for my body type?

Leggings are flattering in the way they are used. If they tonally match the hem of your dress or tunic and/or match your shoes or boots, they are super slimming..dark is best. I don’t care for opague (solid, not see through) black leggings at all because they are sooo overused and boring. I prefer dark black tights that show a little skin or some form of small patterned dark hose. Much more interesting! The best colors are burgundies, eggplants, dark browns (w/a pattern again) or dark greens, blues and plums. You want something a little unexpected that adds some color but doesn’t make your legs scream for attention. You want to pull together an entire outfit that’s pleasing to the eye rather than just one part!

Jeggings are a cross between jeans and leggings and I think are best worn dark, for the thinner~legged folk (because they are skin tight and hug everything), and with a taller boot. The fit is critical. They need to come up to the waist and have a flat conforming top so that your blouse or sweater can smooth right over them. Exposing your butt and thong is a very tacky thing of the past. Cover that butt with the right rise in your pants, especially in your jeans, jeggings and tights!

The crucial tool for flattery is where the line hits your leg. Your eye will be drawn to a line. A line of dark meeting your skin = lots of visual attention! If you have wide ankles, always wear boots or dark socks under a boot that cover that area of your body. If you have thin ankles, by all means, wear your leggings to the thinnest part of your leg with shoes that reveal your ankle.

Capris are one of the greatest fashion nightmares. Capris chop off a woman’s leg usually at the widest point of the calf or near it, making her look chunky, dumpy and heavy. You’re always better chopping off a pant to just above the kneecap (making it into along short) or wearing a full length pant than having it hit anywhere from the top of the foot to the knee. (Dangerous territory unless you really know what you are doing.) Lines are tricky. Tiny little Audrey Hepburn is one of the only figures that looked good in a “cigarette pant” that fell above the ankle.

Scale and line are very important in art and design. Play it safe with dresses to just above the knee using all different gorgeous (and warm)colors and small patterns of dark tights this fall and boots to a few inches below the knee. Flattering for everyone and super fun!!

If you’d like to really make your wardrobe work for you, schedule a free 20 min style consultation with me and I’ll be happy to show you what looks best on you and your body type! Email me at auretha@IntuitionStyling.com

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