How to Love your Wardrobe Instead of Wanting to Set It On Fire

How to Love your Wardrobe Instead of Wanting to Set It On Fire

Many of you experience angst as you stand in front of your closet each morning. You recognize you’ve bought pieces here and there but you don’t know how to put them together or maximize their use with other pieces. Some things don’t fit, the details aren’t right, or you keep forgetting to get that one other thing that would make it all work together. Your closet may seem like a confusing, jumbled mess or simply so boring it doesn’t inspire you. It can make you angry when you realize how much money is hanging there with the price tag still on it. I know plenty of people who are so frustrated they want to light a match.


I’m going to give you some of my personal Soul Styling tips to Create a Working Wardrobe from my 10 years on the Front Lines of Closets from Hell.


1. After this season, pull everything out of your closet you didn’t wear. Make a pile on your bed for all the different reasons you didn’t wear these items. The easiest one is the ‘Get Rid Of It’ pile. You’re never going to wear it. It doesn’t fit. It has holes, stains, YUK. Do not worry about where it goes or who needs it. Throw it in your trunk and donate it without a thought! (OR make a bonfire in the backyard firepit and give in to your inner pyro.)


2. Take a look at the clothes ‘still standing.’ Why did you wear them so much? Grab a notebook and write down, for every item, why it made the cut. Was it convenient? Did it go with other things really well? Was it comfortable? Write these qualities down on your list of Perfect Qualities of my Perfect Wardrobe.



3. Look for a pattern to all the things that didn’t work. Are they black and you realize that now you really like color? Did you find a better style? Look for patterns of what NOT to keep putting back in your closet. ie. Don’t buy any more of these!



4. Look for ‘Functions’ in your wardrobe. You may have enough ‘Work Function’ clothing, but not enough for ‘Parties’ or’ Evenings Out’ or ‘Golf.’ Make sure to purchase outfits you love for all of the different functions of your lifestyle.



5. Most importantly, look for the items that were your favorite favorites! Ask yourself, ‘How did this make me FEEL?’ What are the qualities of my perfect garments? Herein lies the clue to an Amazing Wardrobe.


Only purchase or keep items that make you feel gorgeous, successful, put-together and attractive.


This is your new goal with all of your new purchases. Create a closet that excites you and don’t settle for less!




Still not feeling inspired? Bring in a professional. I love making you feel amazing.


Auretha Callison


Visibility Expert & Soul Stylist  


Contact: 801.694.8092


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