12 tips on How to Love your Body in the Dressing Room

12 tips on How to Love your Body in the Dressing Room

As a bona fide Law of Attraction, Conscious Image Stylist, there are many things we can say about attitude and body love when trying on clothes. I think you have to realistically understand that the lighting really is bad in most dressing rooms. Not only is it the angle, it’s also the kind of bulbs they use that send out really negative energy. It’s usually hot and stuffy. It’s important to go into a time of trying on clothes with the proper support, focus and preparation.

The only good lighting I’ve experienced has been in a few boutiques that mimicked Anthropologie. They had mirrors that ran full length up and down the wall, filtered by a peach filter. Skin tone color, hitting your skin directly from the side works wonders. I actually felt BEAUTIFUL and normal trying on clothes! Thank you Anthropologie. (What is up with you, Nordstrom? Get a clue! )

This is how I prepare my clients to shift negative beliefs around their body image while shopping.

1) Consider trying on the clothes at home

2) Water up within a few hours before and take ICE WATER in with you. A half-frozen bottle works fine. I always compare trying on clothes to a workout, so count it as cardio. If you get hot, you’ll be miserable and start sweating in the clothes. Not good.

3) Firm up the week prior. Arms are the quickest to firm up. Do squats. My personal favorite is The Butt Bible. Maybe you’ll feel so good you’ll keep it up! Small, consistent actions = large results!

4) Eat well beforehand. Protein, a salad and maybe one glass of wine. Loosen up a bit.

5) Make yourself look gorgeous (hair and makeup) so when you find the right dress you’ll head right out for the night.

6) Wear a shaper to give yourself the sleekest look in the dressing room. Suit up! They really do work wonders.

7) Find the dressing room with the best light (while laughing)

8) Take your own clean purse mirror to see your assets from behind

9) Say to yourself, ‘This is the worst I’m ever going to look in this dress, so if it looks good now, it’ll look GORGEOUS in the real world!

10) Wear sexy panties and a bra and sexy shoes

11) Do it as fast as you can! Get in and get out!

12) Do like I do and order all your clothes at home from Zappos or Amazon Prime!

Body Love is easier when you look for all your best features and highlight them!

Love, Auretha
Soul Stylist & Visibility Expert


Here's how to make the dressing room more bare-able!

Here’s how to make the dressing room more bare-able!


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