How to heal yourself from Adrenal Exhaustion, also known as Adrenal Fatigue

After my cross-country move, I noticed I was severely exhausted, cold, my short term memory was HORRIBLE ( I locked my keys out twice, lost my phone, etc.) and I felt depressed from the exhaustion. I had about 2 good hours in me a day. I had to lay down the rest of the day. I’d wake up exhausted, take a nap at noon, sleep for 2 hours, finally get some energy at 4, and then work like crazy till 9, get tired, wake up at 10 and stay up till 2. A very nasty cycle. When I researched this, I found these were the symptoms of adrenal exhaustion.

I watched a billion you tube videos from a billion doctors dealing with exhaustion, adrenal exhaustion and thyroid issues. This is a synopsis of what they recommended. (I am not a doctor. Don’t listen to me. Do your own research. *blah blah blah) I’ve not included the amounts I took.  Do not take my advice without doing your own homework with an endocrinologist.  It’s very complicated stuff.

This is the best article I found on the issue, from Dr. Axe.

This is the protocol I developed for myself based on my research. My boyfriend has been doing it to, with great success. After 2 weeks, I’m almost as good as new, and he is too. I still need a nap here and there, but I am taking these supplements and this protocol seriously in a daily fashion. I wish you the best in whatever YOU choose to do. (Update: at 6 months out, this is still working for both of us. I still need an daily nap, but it’s much better. I’ve backed off the iodine, and vitamin D because when tested, I had been taking too much. Lifting weights and gentle exercise like dancing and yofa is working better than strenuous workouts.)

IODINE  ex. Iodoral      (This will also help with candida and prevent radiation poisoning.)
ALIVE multivitamin
ADRENAL BUILDER                              (don’t take too much…if you stimulate adrenals too much it stresses the thyroid)
a good FISH or KRILL OIL (this stuff is so important!)
VIT C as much as you need
VIT D as much as you need
MAGNESIUM citrate, as much as you need  This will help with sore muscles. Every single cell needs it for 300plus functions!
Suggested Diet
You need Himalayan or Celtic SALT, 6 PROTEIN meals a day, up to 12 eggs, not overcooked, with grass fed butter (Kerry’s) and cheese if you want. Poached is best, lightly scrambled is ok. Barely cook them.
(I started whipping an egg and raw milk in a skillet, equal portions, sitting in a pool of KerryGold Butter with a little cinnamon, sweetener, Himalayan salt and a TBS. of Chia seed. Tastes exactly like bread pudding! Keeps me going for 4 hours! Great, small, fast, nutritious easy breakfast!)
Rare to Medium Rare grass fed meat. Veggies. LOTS OF WATER.
REST WHEN TIRED. Try to go to bed before 11. If hungry late, eat cottage cheese. Keeps blood sugars balanced.
No sugar. NO GLUTEN, STIMULANTS OR ALCOHOL. If you’re serious about your health, you’ll take it seriously!
Warning: Here’s the story: You will start feeling better immediately, so don’t forget to keep taking your supplements!! You are replenishing and building up and repairing your body from so much stress.  We will follow this protocol for the next 6 months. If you don’t take it seriously, you can stress your system so badly that it takes 2 YEARS to recover! Adrenal exhaustion is serious and life threatening!!
(Update: we did, it’s still working! We have our energy and lives back but have to not push it or get lazy on taking the supplements, or with sugar or alcohol and gentle exercise. My memory is coming back and I don’t notice AS MUCH hair falling out.)

Thank you and good healing to you!

Please comment on what’s worked for you!

Love and Beauty,


Soul Stylist

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