What if just BEING WHO WE ARE heals other people?

What if WE as COACHES, HEALERS, HELPERS, SHAMANS, GUIDES, MENTORS, MINISTERS..whatever you want to call us…..

WHAT IF it’s just WHO WE ARE that heals people?

What if it’s not all about techniques or our offerings or how we do what we do?
(although that’s important and I highly recommend Angella Johnson if you need help with that)

What if it’s our inner Sweetness or Eyes of Love or Momma Hugs or Smell/Softness or Kick Your Ass-into-Gearness, or Big Sister Loveness (that’s mine~sometimes bossy, watches your back, do~NOT~mess~with ~my~sisters!! redheaded firepowerness)

What if it’s your INNER QUALITIES that attract your Perfect People to you, the exact ones that the Universe lined up to help-and-be helped by you from the beginning of time?

Here’s to 2 of the Sweetest, Softest, Snuggliest Soul Sister Shamans that I love ENTIRELY based on the fact that their entire innards are WARM SOFT PURE GOOEY HONEY. Marla Bosko and Suzi Snow, you are LOVED & ADORED by Moi!

(I’m thinking about this for me and maybe it applies to you.) Maybe we can all just hold each other a little longer, and maybe that’s the best coaching/healing/holding there is.

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