Graduate to Loving Yourself

My naturally muscular man is complaining this morning about being cold. With not one inch to pinch, I’m resisting feeling sorry for him. Even though there are days that I don’t love trying to fit all of my curvy womanliness in jeans (I usually choose easy with dresses and skirts), I do appreciate my subcutaneous fat. It makes me silky soft.

There’s something wonderful about approaching 40. You have the opportunity to GRADUATE to ACTUALLY LOVING YOURSELF and all of the love in, around and on your body and all the love you’ve created in your life. All the things that make me a woman~my emotions, my heart, my tenacity, my nurturing bossiness, my redheaded ferocity and my curves that wax and wane like the moon~ they all get to be loved. Self acceptance is the most critical bliss.

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