Fall is for….clearing!

Don’t waste time raking your leaves…they’re so pretty! Use that energy for digging out clothes from your storage/garage and get ready for winter!

We forget what we have (if we can’t see it…it must not be there!) Just like “outfitting” your closet with new outfits, our winter wear is an entire wardrobe to be created. Hats, scarves and boots need to match coats. Now is not the time to get sloppy. Take things to the cleaners. In creating your winter OUTER wear wardrobe-think, What colors will make me joyful as we lose sunlight? What feels warm, toasty and soft? What makes me laugh? (I have a big furry hat that some animal wore for a coat long ago – talk about recycling!)

One of the biggest mistakes people make is storing things dirty. Not only does it set stains but it attracts bugs and makes everything stinky, not to mention the old, stale dirty energy. Take time at the end of each season to get rid of items you don’t like, take things to be cleaned, shoes fixed at the cobbler, return borrowed items, etc. Tie up all the loose ends so opening up the next season’s clothes is like opening presents!

Give other items in your wardrobe a break. Put them out of sight for awhile. Keeping things fresh is about removing certain items for awhile and reworking other areas of your wardrobe.

I LOVE to show up in people’s closets to help them get clear and get clean and functional. Cleaning your closet can be fun and winter can be a fashion show that warms the heart!

Love and beauty, Auretha

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