Disastrous Dyes in your Washing Machine

Disastrous Dyes in your Washing Machine

I love a good bargain at TJMaxx. I bought a handful of these exercise bra tops and washed them.  Hung them up to dry. Wash after wash I was disturbed to see dye still continuing to release! I use wonderful delicate zipper laundry bags from Tide. See the dye stain from one of these bra tops?

Just wanted to warn you on ANY clothing with bright colors, especially if it is very vibrant, or from India or anywhere ‘ethnic’, be very careful to wash these items separately! Usually a few washes will release all the extra dyes but it hasn’t with these tops. I’ve ruined about 3 other tops with the dye releasing and staining other garments.

Another tip I’ve found helpful is to put my delicate clothing in a smaller, separate laundry basket so that none of my precious Hanky Pankys or expensive bras end up hiding and trapped between 2 towels through a heavy wash and dry!

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