Denim Jacket, how I’ve missed you!!

My denim jacket was left by me in my wild friend’s car. She was nice enough to not sell it or give it away or lose it. She, like me, loves clothing. I haven’t seen her since the Arts Festival. When I met her last night for beer overlooking the Wasatch Mountains at The Bohemian, she handed it back to me. It was warm from being in her car, like a fresh loaf of bread. I immediately put it on. It fit like a glove.

I missed it so much that I can’t even tell you, not because of emotional attachment but because of function.  It’s soft,  it’s stretchy and it’s not one of those big, heavy, stiff denim jackets that stands off your body and makes you look chunky. One could say it’s a hybrid of stretchy+ denim.

Every single evening of this sweltering summer, in the desert, it gets cool at night. Every single night I missed this jacket. It goes with everything. It’s casual. It looks great over a maxi dress.

Even if you don’t like denim, find something glovey, stretchy, in a color like dark blue or white. You will keep it in your car. It will be like the friend that you really love, that goes with you everywhere, to every party and fits right in, that you don’t think you’ll miss as much as you do when they go a-traveling.



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