Healing Serial Stupidity (*and curing my Low Body Temperature!)

Today I woke up tired. I assumed it was because I WAS tired from lack of sleep. I sat down to Skype ‘good morning’ with Brett and noticed how cold I was. FREEZING. ( It’s 70 degrees here in my new home in Florida.) I’m feeling exhausted and cold~can’t keep my eyes open. It occurs to me~ I have LOW BODY TEMPERATURE. (and the corresponding symptoms.) This has been going on for 10 years or more. Dear God, did I really just do that again? Fuzzy thinking, tired, fatigue, can’t wake up, freezing. Parked under blankets on couch. Can’t lose weight, no matter how healthy I eat. Low thyroid. Low energy.

WHAT HAVE I LEARNED? and forgotten?

LBT affects your brain and slows down and screws up about a billion chemical processes that help you function. It’s serious.

Here’s the simple solution to my problem*, which I know but forgot this morning. You must get your temperature up immediately!! (I’ve spent alot of time in hot baths but this next technique works better!!)

GET UP & in the kitchen.

IMMEDIATELY COOK  WARM PROTEIN MEAL (jalepenos, lightly-cooked organic farm eggs, grass-fed butter, coconut oil, zucchini, grass-fed cheese) while

DRINK HOT TEA with a little caffeine.

VIOLA!! 10 minutes later…. I’M AWAKE. I’M WARM.

annnnddd…..realize I’M A DINGBAT.


Why do I continue to forget this?? Because when you have low body temperature your brain doesn’t work well!!!

I don’t want to waste any more hours of any more days doing the same stupid things and expecting different results!


Please spread the word and share this link to anyone you know who might be suffering with this big problem with a simple solution! 🙂





*ps. I’m not a doctor or health practitioner, this is what’s worked for me!

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