A Closet Clearing Story: Transforming 80’s ‘power suits’ to Sexy Successful

Barbara BushSeptember is AWESOME. I am always shopping like mad with people who’ve just dumped 85% of their wardrobe. Here’s my latest story.

New, successful client at the top of her sales game. She had a HUGE amount of clothing from the 1980’s, most of which I didn’t even have to see before it went to donation before I arrived. (Praise the Lord!!)

It always goes something like this…

  • Brave Client exposes the innards of the Closet from the Crypt, nervous of what I will say. I try to be nice, joke around and make this as easy and light-hearted as possible. I have client touch and transfer her own clothes. I suggest. Remind her that I am just the consultant. She can take or leave my advice.
  • Huge, heavy, ‘Barbara Bush’ suits. Brown, flat colors. Grandma sweaters. Makes a mountain out of any woman. I mention this. I try it on for the client so they can see what it looks like on me.

Hmmm…. Nervous laughter ensues as we see garment after garment with the same fatal flaws.

  • I try (sometimes desperately) to find something in the wardrobe that IS flattering, so I can visually point out the difference.
  • “Ok, but I’m not ready to let go of that.”

Me: “That’s fine. Let’s put that in the section for….you can keep this, but I do not approve it for wear outside your domicile.”

  • Another round of me trying to show what looks better.
  • A HUGE pile of clothing to be donated, that has now become the object of shock and awe and laughter. She can’t believe that she’s been wearing that.
  • Nervous laughter, now, because about 5 things remain.
  • We set appointment to shop for new things.
  • I get horrified text the next day, “I can’t believe I’ve been wearing this crap!! We have to go shopping as soon as possible!! How have I been living like this??”

This is my job. I love it. It’s 1 part counseling plus one part coaching plus one part big sister. It’s okaaaay to let go of all this crap. And it’s funny! We haven’t even approached the styling. That’s about 4 sessions down the road, after we buy all your yummy stuff. Styling is the really juicy fun time for me when I get to put it all together with gorgeous jewelry and shoes and details to really make you shine!!!

The end of this story?

Courageous, confident client with newly found gorgeous (thinner!!) figure in newly found professional yet ‘edgy’ business clothing. Now wearing heels. Imagine. All of that hotness hiding under Barbara Bush.

ps. Fun fact: 2 accounts she’s had for years do not recognize her when she walks in the door.


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