Matching her image to her brand ~ Salenta Fox


“My problem is also my gift. I look very young and have a young energy. This is great everyday but was not working in my favor in my professional life. I am a relationship expert and coach but would hear all the time, “What would you know about that?”

The first impression people got of me was that I was between the ages of 22 and 25 by the way I was dressing and presenting myself. I wanted to look sexy but also professional and sophisticated. I work with woman and men. Part of my work with woman is assisting them to embracing their feminine sensual selves, and use that flow in all areas of their lives. My goal was to look professional, while still feeling sexy and sensual. I’m ready to play big in the world. I want to take my business as far as it can go. I needed the image and confidence to get me their as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Working with Auretha has been such a joyful and exciting experience. Playing big is her forte, but she only goes at the pace you are ready for. You decide what you are ready for. In the last few months I have matched my outside look with how I feel inside. I have revamped my whole wardrobe and had a fabulous photo shoot that captured me just as I wanted it.  I’ve fully stepped into being a rock star all of the time. With the photo shoot, I only knew what I wanted out of it (the feel of it) but  Auretha brought it to life. She took care of all the details to making it the marvelous success it was!! Now my entire brand is being built around that shoot.

I never thought the way I looked could effect the way I felt so much. When I feel like I’m playing big its easy to step out of the house with confidence, and knowing that anything I want in this world is mine. I like feeling that way!!

The best part is, I don’t have to work as hard getting clients because now they come to me. When my look backs up what I have to offer to my clients, they are the one’s pursuing me.

Auretha has helped me step into playing big, which can be scary sometimes. She not only made me look fabulous but also handle the emotional things that come up. She is a wonderful coach.  I love the way I look and feel. My life has been transformed!! I get positive comments on how I present myself all the time now, not just my clothes but my attitude and presence too.

It takes a rockstar of a woman to bring out the rockstar in you, and she has it!! Thanks Auretha!!”

Salenta Fox,
Love & Sexuality Coach

Salenta Fox is a stunning package with a sweet inner center. Her passion is to help people gain courage to grasp their power to get what they want in their relationships. She teaches you how to begin to express your intimacy, your sensuality and your sexuality. She’s not willing to let a life go by without passion.