Before and After Photos

These are some of my client’s before and after photos and videos. It takes courage to share their stories and I appreciate them so much for being so personal with their experience and results. Thank you, Clients!

Before and After Video with Cheryl

Before and After Photos with Nora

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Nora not feeling as fabulous on the outside as she is inside.

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Nora revealing her adorable, vibrant inner delicious goodness! Much happier, bouncier and fun – just like her!

“Working with Auretha: Roll together a coach, stylist, big sister, little sister and confidant all in one person~ two days with Miss Auretha. I had the pleasure of a 2-day personal visit from this intuitive, sensitive, totally alive woman in October. That visit launched my brain and soul into a new space and awareness about others and myself. Auretha arrived on the shoulders of a difficult time for me ~the week my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. During two we days shopped, talked and created my style after I took care of my family situation. Her heart was open and also supportive in a way that helped me stay present and aware of my own needs when my dad passed away three weeks later. More than just cleaning out my closet, Auretha has guided my self-journey in a kind, yet firm manner, and has shed light in areas of myself, which I didn’t quite have the courage to face alone. ” ~Nora




Auretha is amazing. She has wonderful instincts. She is fun to work with, wants to add value and make you better in all ways. I recommend her without any reservation. Her knowledge will save you time and money. You won’t buy things that you don’t love and that do not serve you. Mastering the definition of casual wear and resort casual is not easy and she can be a language reader for you. Oh yeah…she is hot and smart to boot!

Before and After Photos Paul Moxley

Paul is one of the most vibrant, athletic, determined and successful clients I had the pleasure of working with. He is an inspiration.

~Paul T. Moxley, Attorney at Law
Web Site:

  • Officer of the National Conference of Bar Presidents
  • President, National Conference of Bar Presidents (NCBP) (2003-2004)
  • ABA Member, Standing Committee of Federal Judiciary (2009-2012)









Elizabeth Shifts to Feeling Hot & Sexy!

Kimberly tells her hilarious Shoe Styling story!

Before and After Stories

“It was so nice to have a trained makeup artist walk me through the makeup counters at Nordstrom because she showed me exactly what I needed.
Auretha put together some new things and the few good pieces I had to come up with a great new look that feels like the style that I’ve been looking for! She also helped me see my old things (including jewelry) in a new, fun way. Now my wardrobe reflects more aspects of my personality than just the ‘mom’ part. Auretha was honest, yet so supportive in her evaluation. She was great at helping and encouraging me to find the look that I most wanted to express.”
Julie Finnegan, Park City

“I hired Auretha to help me update my image. I come from Corporate America and have spent the majority of my adult life in business suits. Several years ago I changed my career, but didn’t know how to express myself in clothing beyond the business suit. It was difficult for me. I wanted to be more artistic and more feminine, but had no eye for such things. I always went for the same thing on the clothing rack. Auretha was kind, sincere, loving and a pleasure to work with. She always gives one hundred and fifty percent. She helped me find things that I’d never have found on my own and has given me access to expressing parts of myself that I’d never imagined!”
Martie Bond, Salt Lake City

“Auretha has helped me so much to make sense of my closet. I know how to get around better. That may sound weird but everything has a place now. I was able to get rid of things that I was holding onto or that were not flattering on my body type. I can get ready so much faster in the morning and that is invaluable. I kept having trouble picking out things to wear so I thought I needed more tops or more pants, when in reality I have tons of clothes but just no idea of how to create an ‘outfit.’
Auretha also helped me pack for a trip with my husband’s company. It was so nice to already know what I was wearing for each event and not over packing because I didn’t know what would really work. I still work with Auretha as I am filling holes in my wardrobe and replacing things that are dated or uncomfortable and unflattering. I would highly recommend her services to anyone.”
Kristen Matley, Salt Lake City

“I think that the closet clearing was the first profound experience. Auretha sat with me while I showed her all of the clothing in my wardrobe and we discussed whether or not the clothing I had expressed all the parts of me. I realized that I had lost that little girl that loves to play dress up. Much of my clothing had been bought to hide my body or diminish what I felt were my ‘bad parts.’ I wasn’t expressive, I was invisible. Auretha was gentle and supportive while we talked about body issues and why women stop their full expression. When we went shopping, she was a whirlwind. I’ve never shopped so fast or so efficiently. She pulled items I’d never have seen or imagined trying on and they were fantastic! She has been a new pair of eyes seeing things I have been unable to see because I’ve been stuck in a particular image of myself.
Working with Auretha has been a deeper, more challenging experience than I could have imagined. I no longer buy clothes just because they disguise my butt or hide parts of myself. I’ve started to regain a sense of play and that has been absolutely invaluable.”
Melissa Bond, Salt Lake City

“Laughing because I’ve finally joined the group of girls who are hungry for places to go out because I feel so fabulous and beautiful. Thank you Auretha Callison for being such an amazing stylist!”

~Sylvia Nibley, Root Change

Dear Auretha, I love you and all of the beautiful energy you bring to my world. You have made me think about fashion in a different way. I used to see it as totally frivolous and somewhat shallow. I now realize that how we present ourselves to the world is a reflection of the way we see ourselves.
Big love, Jackie

Image Rebranding and Updating the fabulous Salenta Fox!

Before and After Photos
Before and After Photos of Salenta Fox before working with personal stylist and life coach Auretha Callison.

Salenta Fox was absolutely gorgeous. I just tweaked her colors and style to match her inner firepower.

Before and After Photos Salenta Fox image makeover, wardrobe stylist, image consultant, fashion stylist Auretha Callison, Orlando, Jacksonville, Life Coach, personal stylist

Shazam!! Salenta Fox now rules the world as a Love Expert! I highly recommend her work. She is a fabulous coach and Soul Sister.


“My problem is also my gift. I look very young and have a young energy. This is great every day, but was not working in my favor in my professional life. I am a relationship expert and love coach but would hear all the time, “What would you know about love?” as they guessed my age was 10 years younger by the way I was dressing and presenting myself!! When I came to Auretha, I wanted to look sexy and sensual but also professional and sophisticated. I’m ready to play big in the world. I want to take my business as far as it can go. I needed the image and confidence to get me there as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Working with Auretha has been such a joyful and exciting experience. ‘Playing big’ is her forte, but she only goes at the pace you are ready for. You decide what you are ready for. In the last few months I have matched my outside look with how I feel inside. I have revamped my entire wardrobe. I’ve had a fabulous photo shoot that captured me just as I wanted it.  I stepped into feeling like a rock star all of the time. With the photo shoot, I only knew what I wanted out of it (the feel of it) but Auretha brought it to life. She took care of all the details to making it the marvelous success it was!! Now my entire brand is being built around that shoot.

I never thought the way I looked could affect the way I feel so much. When I feel like I’m dressing as my boldest self, it’s easy to step out of the house with confidence. I know that anything I want in this world is mine! The best part is that I don’t have to work as hard to get clients because now I naturally attract them. When my look backs up what I have to offer to my clients, they are pursuing me! Auretha has helped me step into playing big (which can be scary sometimes.) She not only made me look fabulous but also helps me handle the emotional things that come up. She is a wonderful coach.  I love the way I look and feel. My life has been transformed!!  I get positive comments on how I present myself all the time now, not just my clothes but my attitude and presence too.

It takes a Rockstar of a woman to bring out the Rockstar in me, and Auretha has the gift.” ~Salenta Fox, Love Expert