Clearing the Air: our Ancestors and 2012

I was so ready to just ROCK it this year. In February I had used the simple healing technique in “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley Nelson to clear some long-standing money yuck and was elated with the immediate results.   Low and behold, after 5 years of working on my money ‘issues’ with different coaches and techniques**,  my blocks weren’t even mine to begin with. It was my parents’ stuff.


I had residual energy trapped in my body (and beliefs) that didn’t originate with me. The stuck energy (in me) from my ancestors was in charge.

In this case, a bankruptcy or two had made me want to not deal with money because it was painful..and scary. I was pushing it away without even knowing it. The second that energy cleared my body it shot through me like a bolt into my partner’s arm and out his feet. Big energy, folks.  Money flowed in within 2 days in a big enough way to get my attention.

Does that make sense? Sure it does. Grandpa and grandma’s thoughts, attitudes and actions around money affect us greatly. (Consider whether you have an inheritance or not.)

**I had done it all, folks……watched “The  Secret” 14 million times, worked with top coaches, read all the books, done the ‘inner work’, tapped, zapped and given up hope more than a few times. I knew all about ‘Think and Grow Rich.” I’m a Charismatic, for God’s sake. I know how to name it and claim it! I know that God has wealth dripping out of His/Her divine curls onto His/Her divine sparkly toenails.  Friends that were reaching financial success faster than me were exasperated.  I was embarrassed and exasperated and very sad about it. My personal faith in the God that I know loves me was challenged. I liken it to my old bathtub in my 1948 house. There is only so much you can do to get it to look clean and white without getting a new bathtub. I had done all I could do.

I could hear The Spirit’s voice for others like turning on a light switch. After years of thinking, “I’m smart, I’m capable, I’m gifted, socially savvy…. WhatTheF@#% is Up with me?”, I asked God for money and healing techniques and tools that were fast, effective and my clients could do on their own. Voila. [Enter ‘The Emotion Code’ and my own breakthrough in February. btw, I am not an affiliate. darn.]

SOOOOOO this year is the year when~~~



I’m not so thrilled about it. I guess we can think about it that the selfish little 1980’s and 90’s were ‘our time’. Now it’s time for Group Activities and Oneness and reaching our full potential by blasting through the last remaining blocks that aren’t even ours.

I was so ready to ROCK it and I am but it’s not all about me as much as I had hoped.

Oh well. There’s that Christ Consciousness again. Always screwing with the Ego.

Be it unto me….




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