Auretha gets real and wants to be the next Oprah

I’ve kept my personal life personal. Or tried to! I thought it would be more “professional”. Now I see that it’s crippling me from bringing all of who I am to the world.

Sorry. I’m including it all now. On this blog. I’ll still be including style/essence/beauty/image/fashion tips and tools, but there will be much more of me. I realized I wasn’t blogging because I couldn’t bring all of me to the table and it just wasn’t interesting to me! I realize that some people may perceive me as shallow (which is ridiculous to me because I am anything BUT shallow!) My exuberance for life may put people off. My drive for my business may be offensive to some. Maybe I am not personal enough. Here it all is, like it or leave it. Follow me or don’t but I am bringing it straight up. And it’s personal. I’m a personal person. I love Oprah. I’d love to do what she’s doing. Pretending to not be personal would be ridiculous for me.

Today’s revelation. Yes, I want to have my own cable and internet TV show. Yes, I want to bring SELF-CARE to the forefront of womens (and mens) minds. Self-LOVE, too. I want people to be seen in their essence, not just some idea of what someone thinks they should wear.

I need to trust my own “Intuition”. Of course it’s all about me needing to take care of me and teaching others how to do it, too.

What I remembered today when I was feeling sad (during a stint of helping a friend run her retail store while she was in Greece) is that my mother never stopped working. I love my mother. She was a warm, loving Martha Stewart before MS was cool. She did it all and apparently that trait has left a meaningful dent on my neuronet. I can’t stop doing MORE. So I will inadvertently create a mess to have something to DO. If I’m not busy with clients I feel that there is something wrong in my world.

Sylvia Nibley, from reminded me last night that it’s about BEING not doing and that doing-ness can get in our own way. Her gentle loving vibe confronted my weary sense of “what more do I need to do for my business?” It never ends…social networking run amuck. The fact is that I need to care for myself and when I live it, I will teach it and SHOW it and that is something worthy of bringing to the table, on TV or elsewhere.

My request is that if you are willing, send me your loving energy that I will create this value for myself and for other people. And hopefully I will become the next Oprah.

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  1. Wise friend, that Sylvia! :o)

    The paradox of life is that we must first BEcome that which we seek. If you seek a job as a television show host, then BE that…

    • Notice what qualities you admire in other hosts and ask yourself which action you can take each day in that direction

    • With YouTube, you can begin your own ‘channel’ (as you’ve begun), share it on FB and Twitter, get folks to write in their questions, etc.

    • Behind the scenes, as a busy TV host, create the life in your home that you desire. How much time do you have for meditation/prayer, exercise, time in nature, connection with others in your network, etc. Then, create that feeling for yourself in your daily life.

    As you BEcome that which you seek, that which you seek beCOMES.

    Many blessings,

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