Are you ready to be seen?

Are you ready to be seen?
as the beautiful, talented genius you are?
It’s a big moment in your life when that answer becomes “Yes!”

Unfortunately, there can be many common issues in the way of your visibility and success in dating or business.

1. You lack confidence.

  • body image
  • fear of criticism
  • weight gain/loss
  • feeling vulnerable
  • lack of happiness
  • feeling unloved
  • lack of healthy parenting
  • recent relationship or employment stress
  • aging
  • your body has changed
  • a new job
  • a new relationship
  • you don’t like the way you look
  • you’re an introvert
  • you’re afraid of being too sexy
2. OR you have no problem with confidence but there’s simply the issue that you’re clueless about what to wear.
  • You thought you had a sense of style, but now you’re not so sure if you do.
  • You have a closet full of expensive professional suits but now nobody wears them.
  • The professional atmosphere has changed and you feel out of date.
  • You know you’re attractive, but you feel like you could make the most of your assets.
  • You’re too busy to shop.
  • You’re too lazy to dress up.
  • You just don’t care.
  • Fashion is boring to you.
  • You would rather delegate shopping and styling to an expert. You know the value of outsourcing.


Maybe you feel that (as one client said to me) you’re turning into your Mother at 50 and it sucks.
Maybe you’re done with The Relationship and you don’t know who you are anymore, or you never became who you really wanted to be.


Enter +{Transformation Agent}. Enter +{Your Commitment} to actually begin becoming the person you want to be.


I can see you. Not just who you are superficially, but who you are at a soul level. Some would call it your essence. I’m a highly gifted intuitive. I’m a warm, loving, funny, healing, encouraging kind of person who’s also an artist and stylist.

I want that beautiful you, that talented you, that Soul Sparkle that you carry, to be seen.


Yes, it’s fun to be sexy and glamorous and all of that. (Very fun.) But let’s go larger than that.
Think about your Life Path. There’s a reason you’re here, and I believe it’s to have an amazing life, but also to make a difference. And to make a difference, you have to become visible authentically.
You have to stick your neck out, be seen, speak your message and be heard.
You have to be real so that people believe you and trust you and your message.
Authenticity by Oprah, Are you ready to be seen? Fashion Stylist Auretha Callison, Orlando, Jacksonville Life Coach

The scale of how many you want to be seen and heard by is up to you.

Did you know that within 3 seconds or less we all size each other up?

I will determine whether you know more than I do, because if you do, I will trust you.

I might even buy from you. You become an expert.

All this is done visually. Within 3 seconds!

The problem is, if your image isn’t communicating your true essence & expert status, you lose credibility, sales and attraction.

You won’t have that WOW factor and you may even throw people off the scent.

“Wait a minute, I thought she was an expert….why is her hair so outdated? Why is he wearing such a cheap suit and shoes? Maybe he’s not as successful as he’s saying he is. I don’t want to work with (or date!) someone who’s cheap!”

Haven’t you had thoughts like these so many times? Sadly, we do judge based on appearance. It’s part of our ancient survival brain that wants to protect us.


If you don’t make your image match your essence, you won’t be seen by the people that you want to be seen by~ the people that are a perfect match for you. Your message and who you are will get lost in translation.


I help you visually & subconsciously communicate who you really are so you attract the right audience and actually communicate your value and your essence without saying a word.


I intuitively see what’s going on with you and how you might be sabotaging your success in love, life and business by sabotaging your authentic image and confidence.

You have an opportunity (like I did at age 32) to revolutionize your image, your life, and your relationships to actually find your sexy, attractive expression of who you really are.

Tada!! Transformation never felt so good! It was a relief to finally see the real ME in the mirror!

From Closet Clearing to ‘Closet Therapy’ (Ha!), we map the way to your striking Soul Style.

We help people see the real you that’s got something wonderful to offer. I help you express your best self.

Are you an Entrepreneur or Speaker hosting your own events or marketing yourself in Video? Are you in a Transitional time in your life or Dating again for the first time? I’m your Change Agent.

As a Soul Stylist & Visibility Expert, I’m all about evolving you into your sexiest, most confident, most triumphant self. Are you ready to be seen?

I have a magical mix of tools & a bag of tricks that work. Fast.

Email me today at and let’s schedule that Soul Style Strategy Session! Let’s get you on your path to the image and expression of who you really want to be.   BE SEEN BEAUTIFULLY and CONFIDENTLY like never before.

It will transform how you experience your life!


Are you ready to be seen? Visibility Expert and Soul Stylist Auretha Callison , fashion stylist, Orlando, Jacksonville, Life Coach, personal stylist, Soul Style Workshops

Auretha is a gifted and entertaining teacher, speaker, soul stylist and life coach. She leads workshops on Genius and Authentic Visibility in her popular Soul Style Workshops. She specializes in the brilliant body-centered higher learning tools from Drs. Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks of the Hendricks Institute. Dr. Gay Hendricks is the author of bestseller ‘The Big Leap’ and has appeared on Oprah.
As a personal stylist and body image coach, she transforms her clients to look and feel confident, authentic and gorgeous. Entrepreneurs feel an immediate shift in their brand recognition.  She resides in Palatka, Florida (just outside of St. Augustine) and enjoys an art studio on the St. John’s river in Satsuma, Florida. She holds workshops from Jacksonville to Orlando, Florida and sees clients all over the world via Skype.