Have you outgrown your brand? Meet success story Nick James of Jouissance Salon

This photo shows gorgeous Daniel Craig in a jacket that’s too small. He’s wincing. Looks like he or his stylist didn’t check the CURRENT fit BEFORE his huge Skyfall premier! (Bad stylist! BAD!) He’s not happy. He’s uncomfortable.

It’s possible that YOU have become bigger than your up-to-this-moment brand, and that your “business” is now choking you like a tight turtle shell. You’ve outgrown it. You’ve identified so much with your tools that you are a slave to your methods.  You think that you are that THING…that tool, that service..that you’ve been doing for so long. The truth is, my darlings, that you are much more than your tools, or your location or that one thing that you THINK that people are coming to you for.

You are an amalgam of all the awesomeness of your BEing and all the years and experiences and things you have learned that lead people to meet with you, work with you, receive healing or services with or from you.

You YOU You!

Take, for instance, my darling Nick James of Jouissance Salon.

He’s my Hair Lover.

He makes my hair happy. My hair sings like it has never sung before. First of all ~before he blushes profusely~ let me explain that he is not a magic hair fairy on a pedestal. He is a real guy that experiments and takes time and figures out what my hair does and how to fix it after he moves back and I’ve been using some yukky color line because I didn’t know any better and now he has to make it right. He plays with it. He gets to know it. He likes my hair and is really nice to it, and it likes him back.

Even though he’s a real, normal person, when my hair is in his chair, he is unusually present. He’s not in drama about his life during my hair’s time. He is ALL ABOUT MY HAIR. He is what you wish a hair lover to be…if you know what I mean! 😉 He takes TIIIMMMMEEEE. He knows how to give you and your hair his best skills and attention.

Now…….he is more than an amazing hairstylist. REally!! He used to be a very popular DJ. Then he studied to become a therapist. He is fascinated with relationships, like I am, and is a kind and GENUINE, likeable guy. He’s Greek. I’m sure he thinks of himself as gay, but I would marry him. In short, he is an amazing man that I find irresistably lovable.

My point is that all of those reasons are why I come to him to do my hair. If he didn’t do hair, I would probably come to him as my therapist.

People will find a way to pay you for your awesomeness. They will find a way to get your goods. So be bigger than that one skill or tool you have that you think you are bound to, for life. See the big picture. People want to make love with your essence. Go big with YOU, (brand yourself accordingly) and let them!



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