Another crazy, serendipitous story from My Southern Life: Dunkin Donuts

It was 8pm tonight and I wasn’t ready to go home and be with myself…again. I was craving chocolate and coffee and cream and that meant one place in this tiny Palatka town ~ Dunkin Donuts.

I knew that I was being called to go there by the Cosmic Forces and that something magical would probably happen if I followed my instinct to go.

I followed my inspiration for sugar-free, caffeine-free chocolate coffee happiness and ended up staring at a forearm tattoo that looked like a vintage rocket design. A white haired man in his 50-60’s (who knows anymore?) tells me he’s a systems engineer and also an artist transplanted to this tiny Southern town. 

He’s lived in an artist house I now plan to visit on the St. John’s River for the last 4 years. His wife had died 2 years earlier and he and I shared a few words about being alone. We ended up sitting down together and talking about our artist lives over donuts.

We very quickly discovered we had a tremendous amount in common ~paddleboarding, drawing, fans of Elizabeth Warren and Bill Maher and he has kayaks. I’ve been begging people to go out paddleboarding and kayaking with me the entire time I’ve been here and could never get anyone to go.

We decided to be buddies. He was lively and genuinely interesting to talk to, and not once did he hit on me or mention the way I looked.

He was just a happily alone artist person talking to another mostly-happy alone artist person. 

A conversation arranged by the Angels.

5 minutes into our conversation I wanted to ask him what his Myers Briggs personality type was, but we got talking about his engineering business and I forgot. I was getting cold, so I suggested we go outside and tailgate in the back of my truck. We talked for 2 hours.  Into the second hour he said, “What’s your Myers Briggs personality type?”

I freaked!

Who SAYS THAT in a country town? What are the chances of that happening???

He said, “Mine is ENTP.” 

Same as mine.

I freaked out again.

We both insist on using MB tests for all of our managerial/coaching clients.

I mean, in the Dunkin Donut parking lot, what are the chances of having both that in common AND the same personality type out of 16 types?

AND paddleboarding…as in, having paddleboards?! ( That is not common at all here.) AND we are artists. And we are alone. And we share the same political philosophy for the most part…what I would call, common sense and tolerance.

I’m writing this blog post because this happens to me regularly. Maybe once a month.


And thank you for reading this. Perhaps you need to hear about the magic and we need to believe together and share our stories.

We don’t know why we meet the people we do, but when we do it lifts our heart when we can share common stories and ideas.

I do not feel so alone, and am happy to have a new buddy that thinks (pretty much) like me to kayak, paddleboard, paint and draw with on the river.


UPDATE: I retook the test on and found I am actually now more of an ENFP, secondarily a ENFJ, so I’ve grown a bit over the last few years. I highly recommend taking the test!











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