A Soul Love Note: Inspire Your Life by Expression

A Soul Love Note: Inspire Your Life By Expression

My Loved Ones,

There is possibly nothing more ‪‎INSPIRING than bringing ALL of WHO YOU ARE into expression.

You do this by way of your relationships,

the classes you teach,

your creativity (your SoulStyle!)

your sexuality & aliveness & vitality,

your physical expression (dancing, canoeing, your fitness)

your care and nurture of people, children, pets and plants,

and the way you decide to offer the world ALL OF YOUR IDEAS & POTENTIAL,

with your writings and art and love and weirdness.

YOU are a magnificent representation (and an ‘installation art’ piece) of a loving Creator,

and WITHOUT YOU & YOUR FULL EXPRESSION we are not fully whole~

we are minimized and slighted by your absence.

Without your beauty and joy and delightful soul, we are not able to step into our full potential…

so please INSPIRE US, LOVE US, HOLD US, DANCE WITH US, WRITE FOR US, inspire our WILDNESS and even though we are powerful as unique individuals, we are also MAGNIFICENT AS ONE.

Be your Best & Brightest Sparkling Self!
( like…today!!!)

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