5 tips for Cleaning & Clearing Your Closet : Be Ruthless! Does it fit?? Do you LOVE it??

After my client saw my crazy closet, I was a little shocked on how long I’d let it go. I’ve been through some wild busy-ness (YAY! Business!!) and along with the lawn growing like crazy, at this time of year it’s essential to evaluate your winter to summer items, regardless of when you do it.

I’ll make it short, but all items, once cleaned, go into a few different stacks, bags, boxes or in your closet on a high quality hanger.

1) If you love it and it’s a fall/winter item (or the opposite season), once cleaned and repaired, it goes into a nice clear storage box out of sight. If you have a few additional closets where you can store your items on hangers, protected from sun, dust, moths, animal hair and sticky fingers, GOOD FOR YOU. I’m jealous! (Currently living in a 1948 home with closets made for leprechauns.)

2) If it doesn’t FIT and you still love it, even if it’s not the opposite season, you can store it in the box or hang it in another closet. This may motivate you to enjoy a few less alcoholic drinks and desserts. If it doesn’t motivate you and you start to mentally beat yourself up, pack it away! I keep 2 inspiring items to remind me of what is possible for my body, and I have no Body Beat Up messages in my head or heart. (I’ve done the work to heal and clear myself from these! Let me know if you need help)

3) If it doesn’t fit and you love it and it’s the opposite season, definitely store it out of sight.

4) If you don’t love it, donate it or if it’s in excellent condition, consider consigning (see my video on this!)

5) If a sock is missing, a bra needs repaired, some action needs to be taken, keep all those items together in a basket in a place where you will see it and it will bug you to empty out that basket and get completions!

If you have questions, please respond below and PLEASE SHARE! I am passionate about sharing self~love in regards to image!! We can change the world one person at a time!!

Love and Beauty,


Soul Stylist


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