5 fashion no no’s I see all the time+ MAGIC SHOPPING

Hi Sexy Sweethearts*
It’s my favorite time of year and one of my busiest seasons. I have a MAGIC CLIENT VIDEO HERE if you’re in a hurry. If not, read my fashion words to the wise and then catch the video below!
Fall is a wonderful time to shift into clothing that can feel more comfortable and stylish. Unfortunately there are many new trends out there RIGHT NOW that look really bad if you don’t know how to wear them (like trapeze tops and light blue jeans). Many trends should never be considered because they are a terrible idea in the first place! If it looks bad to you, it probably is! Trust your instincts.
I’m a classic stylist. I love clothing that is fresh and stylish but also stands the test of time in quality, design and flatter-appeal. I have pieces in storage that will come out again because they are classic standards. Let me help you navigate new fashion styles by showing you what works best for your body type and personal style.
Often what trips people up is failing to understand their body proportions. One of my clients kept purchasing tops that hit her at her widest point and made her look easily 20# over her fit weight. I won’t be able to tell you what’s right for you without seeing you but many people cut themselves off or add weight in the wrong section of their body.
You may have heard me bitch about capri pants on men and women. Cutting the leg line is the classic faux pas for ruining a long, lean look. Keep those jeans long, skimming your curves, dark and with something near 5% stretch. If you’re going to chop the leg line, do it at the knee with shorts or cut-offs, just above or just below the knee~whichever is more flattering. (Here’s a bit more on jeans and pants.)
For skirts, if you have a small waist and larger hips, grab a few fuller 50’s skirts now and the always classic A-line. If you’re thicker in the middle and slim in the hips, pencil skirts are always sexy and they do work on all body types. Avoid long, ankle length skirts unless you are taller than 5’5″ and willing to wear a taller heel. I MEAN IT! Look for comfy, easy care fabric. To look gorgeous around your face, grab some gorgeous scarves in your best colors. You can’t go wrong with turquoise and coral.
Men, make sure your jeans are slim (not skinny), dark wash, and have some stretch too. DO NOT WEAR JEANS THAT ARE SAGGING OR TOO BIG. Highlight your style with your shirts and jackets and try to choose blue every time over black, especially near your face. Yeah, those sparkly, bling~y shirts and jeans are out. You probably didn’t like them anyway!
Light blue or white jeans are great but only if you know how to style them!

One 3 hour session with me in your closet or shopping can take care of an entire season of WHAT TO WEAR! Choose easy. Let me do it!

I wanted to share a video example of the miracles I create with my clients.
This particular client HATES SHOPPING! She thinks it’s a big, fat, waste of time! She’d rather be out surfing, dancing or riding her bike in the mountains.
How do I work with clients who have so much else they would prefer doing?
Verrry strategically!!
I shop for you without you having to go shopping at all! Personal shopper and stylist go hand in hand. I bring the “fresh catch” to your home or office where you try them on in comfort and I return items that didn’t work, if any!
Save time & save money for greater joys in your life. Let me style you!
My clients are busy, successful, normal folks who’d prefer to look great without trying. Choose smart and fun. Skip the dread. Hire me instead!

EVENT: Visual Branding Workshop with Ladies Who Launch , Salt Lake SEPT 14TH, Turiya’s Gifts 1569 South 1100 East

Branding is one of the most critical elements of a fledgling business. It tells the world who you are, what you’re doing and what your business or product is all about in a few seconds of visual impact. (example: Starbucks, ) It used to be about a logo. Now it is about YOU, your logo and what your company/product/idea represents.
It is critical to develop your brand and your tagline at the onset of your business before you hire a designer, build a website, etc. This class will help you get clear and make sure your visual brand is in alignment with YOU. This workshop will discuss carrying the brand with your image to your business card, your website and across your social networks.
Learn the basics of branding from a feminine approach to launching with Auretha Callison, Image & Branding Coach, Sexy Stylist , IntuitionStyling.com!
Join Ladies Who Launch Salt Lake for a Strata Meeting
Sept 14th Wed. Evening 6:30-8:00PM
Image, Style & Visual Branding Expert Auretha Callison
Cost $15 for non members/ FREE for LWL members. Sign up at http://www.ladieswholaunch.com/saltlake/

If you’d like to work with a coach that prefers to flow in magic and beauty, here I am!
Here are my Packages, Pricing & Policies!
As the ebullient body transformation coach Amanda Moxley says to me, “Auretha, EVERYBODY NEEDS YOU!!!”
It’s time to LOVE the way you LOOK!
Auretha Callison
Image, Branding & Aliveness Coach


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