Soul Style Workshops

 Empowering People around Body, Image & Style

Auretha’s presentation to our group went above and beyond our wildest expectations. Not only did she show us ways to look beautiful on the outside, she inspired us to be more beautiful on the inside. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her presence can light up a room!
Mare McGlinchy Piper, co-President, Newcomers of Greater Park City

“Auretha needs to have a tv show!  She is one of the most engaging presenters I have ever seen. I highly recommend every woman on the planet to hear her wisdom and enjoy growth!! Fantastic!”  Lindsey Feurer, For Your Hair

“Your Body & Emotion workshop was t-r-e-m-e-n-d-o-u-s!! I watch my little son and how he expresses himself, and it occurs to me that we’re all born knowing how to do this…and now it’s my job not to train these truths out of him…and even learn a lot more from him! Thanks so much for your amazing work!”  Michael P.

“Dave noticed a difference in me the moment I arrived home from the retreat. He said I looked different, lighter, thinner, better.  The next night I went out to dinner with some girlfriends (which I never do) and decided to get dolled up, even if they weren’t going to.
I’ve been noticing the clothing and fashion tips you gave me in displays and stores and actually feel I could wear those clothes with confidence.  I can’t wait to totally break free of my old image  and be the bombshell that is living within me! I can’t wait to work with beautiful Auretha who will not allow me to shrink back into the old me, but will instead help pull me forward into my new self.”  Katie K.


 Soul Style Workshops are an entertaining and loving way to address common self-defeating beliefs among women and girls about their bodies and the way they see themselves.

Soul Style Workshops, Life and Body Image Coaching by Soul Stylist Auretha Callison

I adore assisting women, men and teens in finding their own authentic, fun & flattering ATTRACTIVE reflection of their ‘Soul Style’ that works in their practical and business life. Many clients report Life Changing returns!

My Soul Style Workshops can be customized for:

  • business
  • specific industries
  • women’s conferences
  • home parties Auretha Callison LifeCoach, Speaker

You and your guests receive essential styling help for what’s hiding in your closet in a humorous way that everyone can understand.

Common Clothing Questions I answer for you when:
1. you don’t know what to do with it
2. you don’t know why it’s not working
3. you would really love to use it but don’t know how
4. you don’t know if you should return it or sell it

I teach you how to find the right styles that make the most of your figure and fit your personality.

I will help you make those decisions and teach you what works/what doesn’t IN A FUN & FRIENDLY WAY.

Fire your inner critic and have fun with fashion!!

We lovingly and laughingly address what really works for the Body and You that lives your life NOW.
Not just your daughter’s Fashion Stylist, I’m a real woman in my 40’s with real curves who loves her body.

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Auretha brings your closet to life with fun and empathy as she addresses our common wardrobe and body image woes and transforms them with love and smart fashion sense and styling.


For a Soul Style Workshops custom created for your group, fundraiser or event, contact for your group’s needs and pricing.

Auretha Callison
Visibility Expert & Body Love Stylist